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Social Networking Not Driving Sales to Online Marketplaces

I wonder if Etsy was one of the 5 who reported results? Ebay & Amazon did not.


The most any reported was 1%, from FaceBook, and 0.5% from Pinterest.

Whatever, perhaps it's time for the top folk to rethink social-network-driven e-commerce!

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Very interesting!!!!
I don't bother with them. I tried, didn't really get it, so I stopped. I rather take the time to make new pieces for my shop than networking.
I'm not on Pinterest or Facebook currently, but gosh....I gotta think that they drive a lot of sales to many shops, right????
Well, I know for a fact I have gotten sales from social media platforms. My most successful platform is tumblr.
"I think that sellers' time is usually going to be better spent optimizing for Google Shopping, exporting to Craigslist, or otherwise spending their efforts getting their items optimized for channels explicitly designed for ecommerce."

This has always been my feeling on the idea of social networking.

Thanks for posting Runz.
I am thinking it depends on the shop & the marketing (people just posting links to Twitter are unlikely to get many sales from them; people engaging with an audience probably do better).

Plus, the better known the platform, the more traffic it drives via name alone.
And I've gotten one sale from facebook.

That would be 1% of my sales since I've had a page there.

I've heard that some people who do heavy marketing have got it a little better, but I can't see spamming all the time! I've hidden the posts of some friends who post too much of their stuff -- and I know that my friends would do that to me. And I think some of the social networking might be better for those with stand-alone websites and a smaller, focused market who already like them on FB. The group most likely to shop that website.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:27pm Sep 9, 2012 EDT
I'm big on using twitter and facebook. But I think how you market is key. A lot of times I try to get my tweets/posts retweeted/shared by ppl with a large following. It's instant exposure and it's how I've been driving a lot of traffic to my shop.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:29pm Sep 9, 2012 EDT
I agree, Cindy, engaging with the audience is important! I know that some e-sellers (like Beth, from blackphoenixalchemylab) get a lot of repeat customers by communicating with them on twitter and facebook and staying on the radar (and just being lovely in general).

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