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2001 sep 11 what were you doing on the day !

it was the terrifying day i was travelling to london from UAE in the plane my plane was going to usa after dropping passangers off to london but it was announced that the london was the last stop for everyone !

do you remember what wre you doing that day?

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Yeah, I had just dropped my kids off at school, and was driving home when I heard it on the radio.

It also happens to be my birthday... People tend to remember my birthday now...
I was teaching 7th grade math when my assistant principal came by and told me. I turned a shade of white and tried to hold back the tears while still trying to teach my class (the kids didn't know yet). I will never, ever forget.

Nothng special, i was in school, i heard it on the tv after going back from school...
I was in school.. 8th grade American History of all classes....
I was a schoolkid living in Europe. Remember seeing it on TV news once I arrived home from school.
I was asleep when the first plane hit. my mothers screams finished waking me up.

one of her brothers worked for cantor fitzgerald and she didn't know which building that was in- or where in the building.

he wasn't in the building that day

one of my cousin is pilot in united air so we tried to contact him to find if he was ok. he was on leave ! although we were relieved still have great sadness for people who lost their lives (minus terrorists )
Dropped my son off at daycare, went to work, was working on a HUD-1 for a 9:00 closing, and glanced up at the little tv we had in the reception area just in time to see the second plane slam into the building.

Will Never Forget nor Forgive........
I was home sick from work and watching early morning news on tv, sittling on the couch, when I saw what was happening. Called family and coworkers to let them know. My kids were home too and we sat and watched all day. We were all in a state of shock. Had nightmares for weeks after that. Some things you never can forget...and never should.

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