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Something's up with Etsy?!?!?!

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Somebody stolen all the money from customers or I dont know, usualyl when business is slow people even not come to etsy to leave feedback etc (one of the things I noticed!) but everythign seems +/- normal - just sales dropped madly this week.
Well nothing's changed for me yet :-( This is just unbelievable!!!! Who shut the lights off?
This whole weekend for me is a bust I have three shops and nothing I usually get five to six orders a day and I have not had but one small order since thursday. I think something is going on. It Never fails whenever we have a "OUTAGE" I have a horrible three to five days every single time I keep track.

Have anyone been selling like usual since Friday AM
Could be a technical problem - I'm a customer and have contacted Etsy about it twice this weekend.

I cannot, no matter which web page or link/button I try, contact a seller.

It could be that other customers may feel like I feel - they don't want to part with any money until they can contact the seller about their possible purchase? And they can't contact the seller because there seems to be a technical problem.

I've tried contacting more than one shop owner - the same problem applies - and I know it's not my computer playing up - I've checked.

I await a response from Etsy.
No wonder I wasn't getting a response from a seller!!!! Etsy please FIX whatever is wrong here....I'm in a panic mode since beginning of the month :-(
Now that I think of it I am not getting any Convo either I think I had a couple but that is it and usually i get quite a few. Hmmm...

I am so tired of this it seems it happens more then it does not.
Wow ZanyJaney, that is bad... Etsy really need to fix this!
Hmmm...I have not received any convos for a few days either - and yes, a LOT of buyers now like to make contact with a seller first, before they purchase!!
I've put a thread into the 'Bugs' forum so I hope it gets picked up - I have birthdays to shop for, not to mention me!!

Good luck everyone.
I haven't been to the forums much this week as I haven't had much time but the only glitch I experienced with convos was that photos weren't uploading correctly. Other than that, I've been getting messages and I have also inquired about products with a few sellers and they have answered me pretty promptly so convos aren't down for everyone.

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