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can you recommend a camera?

Hey all,
I'm thinking about finally buying a camera to take my own pictures after paying someone or borrowing for a while now.
I'm wondering if anyone has any good recommendations of a camera you've really liked. I'm new to taking pictures and would like to spend between 400 to 600 or a bit more if I have to. Any advice greatly appreciated...

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I have the Nikon 1 and I love it! So easy to use and I believe its within your budget.
I have it set up to where I don't have to to any editing to my photos.
I use an Olympus E-420. It cost me right around $600. I haven't completely learned it yet though. It's my first digital. I can tell you that with the right lighting set up they shoot fantastic photos. One of my modeling photographers recommended it to me for a first camera.
HUGE fan of the Nikon d40 with a 50mm wide lens and an up flash. So much can be done with that.

Aurora, if your primary reason for using a camera is to shoot your clothing then you don't need a very expensive digital camera. You do want a digital camera and a basic editing program (there are many free online). I have several cameras and I would recommend a Nikon Coolpix. This is a good place to start and it's not very expensive ( I believe around $130).
Some people would recommend a digital SLR, which has many other functions, but it's not necessary unless you plan to take more advance photos.

Good luck!
Thanks all! I'll check out those options.
So Kathleen you don't think it makes a difference even if you're doing indoor photos with lighting as well as outdoor type photos to have a more expensive camera with more mega pixels, zoom etc.?
I use a Canon Powershot SX20IS, I've had it for about 3 years and I love it. :)
Does any one use a tripod? I always seem to get shaky hands when taking a photo - no it's not the drink.
Megapixels are not a big issue unless you plan on printing your photos in large format. What IS important is finding a camera that is easy to use, and has good white balance. I've been using a Canon PowerShot for the past couple years, but am thinking of getting a basic dslr for the extras. The nice thing about a dslr is that you can buy directional flashes or diffusers to soften and aim the flash for photos inside, and remotes for less awkward selfies.
This site offers good reviews of cameras. It will help you to choose.

Sue: Camera shake will occur at low shutter speeds.

A rule of thumb for SLR's is that you should go no lower in speed than the focal length of the lens. E.g. with a 50mm lens go no lower than 1/50th second (1/60 usually) and so on.

Tripods will give you a nice crisp image and allow lower ISO and shutter speeds.

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