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List items from iPad, iPhone. WORKS NOW!! iOs6

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:34 am Sep 21, 2012 EDT
last night i successfully uploaded pictures to etsy with my iPad. impossible?
not anymore.
heres what to do
update your device to the newest software (ios6). you can update by going to settings/general/software update. or by connecting your device to iTunes.
open the safari browser and go to etsy.com
click the list new item link and upload your pics. IT WORKS!!!

make sure that if you are taking pictures with your iPad you hold it horizontally with the home button to the right. otherwise your pics will be sideways/ upside down.

i also tried uploading pics from my camera using my camera connection kit. no problem.

i have not yet tried it with the iPhone but i suspect it should be similar.


im going to list an item from my rooftop tonight, then the bathroom, then the treehouse...

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WOW! I am going to try too. I have an iPhone and I have always complained that as a vintage seller, I need to be able to buy something at 10am at auction and list it at 12noon during lunch and then head back to another auction. Do all that with just my iPhone. Can do that on eBay and now maybe ETSY!!!

I will let folks know what I find!
wow, deja vu....
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I've been putting off buying an iPad for this reason. Now I have no reason not to get one. Except I don't have enough saved. This will be my new goal! Maybe if I have a great holiday season I can work it into the budget.
Wouldn't you want to do some editing on your photos before you use them in a listing?
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:45 pm Sep 21, 2012 EDT
absolutely K and T and you can edit with the ipad. they are not raw photos. there are many edit apps.
Oh, good to know. Thanks, 100.
I have photoshop (something) on my ipad for editing images plus I'm sure there are many more apps. My daughter took my ipad so I can't see the name of it. I think it's caled photoshop express.
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:46 pm Sep 21, 2012 EDT
yep and also there is the option of the camera attachment for the ipad. if you prefer a higher mega-pixel camera.
Woohoo!! Just updated iPad, need to do iPhone next. This is brilliant!!

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