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If you have a cat....

Hello everyone,

I'm wondering where do you keep your cat bowl / bowls?

How many water bowls do you have for your cat?

I make pottery and I'm preparing some new cat bowls for my pet section.
My cat has two water bowls and one for food. One water bowl is always next to the kitchen sink as it is his favourite place and the other in the kitchen.

I'm asking because as an architeckt and interior designer I'm wondering what colors to use in order for my bowls to match the room where cat bowls are kept.

Do you have cat bowl in the garden, bathroom, hall, kitchen...?

Greetings from Poland,

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One of each and I kept it on top of the dryer in the laundry room so the dog wouldn't eat it. I prefered using ceramic bowls for my cat. Easy to clean and held up well.
I have kitty water available in the kitchen and in my bedroom. The kitty food stays in the kitchen. I'm looking forward to seeing your food bowls!
Our cat likes to drink out of the large water bowl we keep for the dogs. It's in the kitchen.

Otherwise her food bowl is in the dining room.
1 food bowl and 1 water bowl in the kitchen nook.
My kitchen is light blue and green (but it's very 90's, and we hope to remodel at some point).
: )
Oh!!! You're supposed to give them water???
Wherever the cat scooches it! Usually in the kitchen.
In the kitchen.

Hmmm... well I purchased 2 clear glass bowls for cat dishes, because I don't like clutter, and a colored bowl adds the cluttered look... clear glass disappears. Sorry, I'm no help.....
one food dish, one water bowl, in the kitchen.

edited to add: my kitchen is yellow and white, if that helps at all.

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