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How long do you wait before giving feedback to your buyers?

How long do you wait before giving feedback to your buyers? I haven't been shopping much but I noticed that whenever I buy, it takes a really long time for the seller to give me a feedback. Sometimes I even have to ask for a feedback and that's after I sent them one.

As a SELLER, I don't ask my buyers for a feedback but when I'm the BUYER, I think it's okay to ask for one. :)

Your thoughts on this?

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I give feedback as soon as I'm reasonably certain (either through tracking or waiting about a month) that the buyer has received their item. I don't necessarily wait for the buyer to leave feedback for me. My feedback for them is not contingent on the feedback they leave me.
You never ask for FB, as buyer or seller.

I don't even understand the fixation with feedback. If I get some great, if they don't leave it, not going to obsess over it. Wish they'd just eliminate it in fact.
To be honest, I normally forget. It's not intentional, and I usually don't notice because etsy doesn't put it in my face unless I log out for some reason and then log back in. When I see that sentence at the top of the page reminding me to leave feedback, that's when I normally do it. I wish it would show it even when logged in.

So as a buyer I leave feedback as soon as I receive the item, but as a seller I forget to unless I'm forced to log back in and see the reminder.
I think it should be the same both ways, buyers shouldn't feel like they're entitled to anything different
I just opened on here and have only made 1 sale so far. But still I gave feedback by the time I shipped items. I personally think either at time of shipping or after a customer gets the product is when you should give feedback. But that is just me. I know others I have bought from do it the same way. I do not think you should have to ask for feedback, that is crazy, even more so if you have given feedback.
In my note to buyers after the sale I let them know I will leave feedback as soon as they do so that I know everything is fine. If they don't leave feedback then I don't either...it's not important to everyone. I always leave feedback to a seller when I buy...except for one time (for my own reasons).
Sometimes no news is good news if you know what I mean. I only leave feedback to buyers that I hear from and always leave feedback to other sellers but most don't bother returning feedback to me anymore. That's fine with me, not sure why we even have it, maybe Etsy should just do away with it altogether.
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Etsy gives buyers and sellers 120 days for leaving feedback. You may still get it. Etsy has a flawed system for feedback. I have to deal with a "kiss and make up" right now. Really, Etsy, "kiss and make up?" They must think we are school children.
I leave feedback within 24-hours after the customer leaves feedback.

I leave feedback for my purchases within 24-hours after receiving my item.

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