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Do you create boards of your own work on your Pinterest account?

A friend was telling me I should be promoting my jewerly with boards on Pinterest - one for earrings, necklaces, maybe certain stones, etc. Adding to them every so often with new pieces.

Does anyone do that for your work? I'm social-media challenged but would like to start promoting myself before the holidays start...any thoughts?

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I do.
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Debbie -

I am terrible at promoting myself - but I want to increase my audience - need to get past my shyness and put some work together!

I love your animals - they are adorable and I will search for your creations on Pinterest!
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:18am Sep 23, 2012 EDT
Some do, I'd rather join a team of people that promotes each other, there are a few here on Etsy.
Yes, I do, and I've had repins!

Your pieces are beautiful!
I've pinned one of your bracelets here: pinterest.com/pin/135459901263171308/
Make sure you add a $xx.xx to the description, that will also put it in their Gift cataogry.
Thank you Susie - I appreciate that and will check out your boards. Thank you for the advice and the promotion!
I have promoted myself and others on my pinterest boards. It has not helped too much. I get better results from Stumbleupon.
I do but I know what you mean...I always feel a bit like a tool for promoting myself through Pinterest but that's just me. On the flip side, I'm living for the day when one of my items gets pinned by someone OTHER than me and liked and repinned by a million people. Ha! Still waiting for that one. Oh well.

I don't know much about Stumbleupon - looked at traffic sources in the stats page and found it there but only 5 views for this year. I will look at that also.

I just know that there are so many more shops on Etsy now and it really feels like it's tough to get noticed, Hoping to do as much as possible to ramp up sales for the Fall and Holiday shopping season.
I have an Everything Etsy board where I pin my stuff as well as items from other sellers.


Oh and Tye, you have been pinned. :) Now, just gotta wait for a million others to repin! LOL I couldn't pick just one so I pinned a few things. I love your shop!

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