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Etsy and Paypal Fees Calculator?

I liked using Ryan Olbe's Etsy/Ebay/PayPal calculator online but due to his unfortunate death in an accident, the website (www.rolbe.com/etsy.htm) has been shut down. (My condolences to any of his friends or family who may be here within the Etsy community.)

I know how to do the math on my own but the calculator was so handy for figuring what to price items at to make a profit after all the listing and final value fees and cost of materials. Does anyone know of a similar free online calculator?


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Maybe try this thread for possible alternatives:

Never mind. I found one: salecalc.com/etsy#dp=0&q=1&c=0&sc=0&a=0&sp=0&hp=0&dc=off&pp=on

I need more coffee...
These may also be of value but I have not tried:

aww man :( my condolences to the rolbe family

I use this one as an alternative

www.gregledet.net/efcm.html does the exact same thing, just not as pretty or big
Thanks to both of you for the other websites.
I was shocked when I heard. :(
I found a site that has all of Ryan's calculators in one place:


Hope this helps!
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:21 am Dec 31, 2012 EST
BETSI ( www.etsy.com/apps/262788684/betsi-bulk-batch-editing-tool ) has Automatic Fee calculation with both PayPal & Etsy Direct Checkout built in with support for Shipping Costs by destination/listing - no manual entry required to calculate...

So you can also see Fee calculations for:
* Individual Listings
* Filtered Results
* Selected Listings
* Manual & Calculated Pricing (price modeling)

Here is a blog article (with screenshots) with more information: blugrin.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/integrated-etsy-fee-calculation
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:26 am Jan 14, 2013 EST
I'm re-figuring pricing and was looking for a Paypal or Etsy calculator and found this and thought someone else in the forum today might find this useful too. I used the calculator at Rememberingrolbe.com. Very quick and useful!

If you have a smart phone, yes, there is an app for that :)

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