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What's the worst thing said about your items?

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Inactive Etsy Member 3:49 pm Sep 24, 2012 EDT
I'm not talking about feedback here on Etsy. I'm talking about what people have said right in front of you. Maybe they weren't meaning to be rude or insulting but it can feel awful anyway. I welcome constructive criticism but sometimes people are just rude. An example was recently when someone was looking at my items and they just said "oh I could make crap like this." that got to me! While what I make is not difficult to make and I'm sure anyone could make them. But to say that right in front of me caught me off guard. I didn't say anything because frankly I didn't know what to say without being very rude. What is something someone has said in front of you that you found to be rude or just plain mean? And how did you handle it?

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"why do these pendants smell like beer?"

*hides bottle*
@Lego- I just gigglesnorted so hard I think I ruptured my sinus cavity!
I can see your brushstrokes
Someone asked my husband at work how much one of my items were and he told them and shes like "thats ridiculous!" and my husband took care of her by saying " we you must not be a crafter", she said " well how would you know if im a crafter I craft all the time", my husband told her "well i know because if you did craft for a living you would know the material costs, and time involved in a product". She didnt say anything after that and i have to say my husband did a good job standing up for me but im not offended and i dont feel bad, everyone has their opionion and im ok with that, if you dont like my price or product im sure theres many options at walmart or elsewhere
What are you going to do with all that stuff you make?
You want what for that? Snort!
"Really? That's all you do."
I think you should have been rude right back at whoever said that and your items are lovely and I wouldn't know how to begin to make your items!

I wouldn't have a clue how to make it.

"Too expensive". I admit I can't compete with the big stores, but their
offerings aren't hand crafted.

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