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Busiest days of the week/ times of day on etsy?

Hi etsyers,
Just wondering from your site stats what days of the week/ times of day do you get the most traffic to your site? Also do you know why those times/ days might be the busiest? Obviously evenings are more popular because people are at home? But do you get more traffic/ orders on Tuesday than a Wednesday?

Thought it might be interesting to pull together everyones stats to find out what are the most popular days/ times on etsy shops?

Also because I'm new my stats are pretty inconsistent as I'm still trying to find ways of promoting it and getting more visitors, but I'm guessing more established shops will have more consistent stats?

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Inactive Etsy Member 6:23am Nov 12, 2012 EST
I am an American living in Brazil and get torn between marketing for Brazilians or Americans. I tend to write more in English which is why I think my views are higher at the end of the day for me here because we're ahead by 4-6 hours depending on the region of the US and what time of the year.
There really is no ryhme or reason to when I get sales. I used to try and figure it out and now I don't bother :)

Sometimes I get a ton during the week, sometimes its the weekend, sometimes its all daytime orders, sometimes its nighttime. And best of all sometimes its both!!
I totally agree. For the longest time I tried to figure it out and I've learned that I can't! There is no for sure bets as to when I make sales or when something will be viewed, or anything else.
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:34am Nov 12, 2012 EST
I think it depends on what you sell. Saturdays and Monday's are my busy days. Saturday's because I participate in a SNS promo each week and Monday's because I'm catching up from the weekend of promoting.

But really, the nature of the beast is that any day can be busy or slow.
Monday at 9 00 am is a time that I typically sell a lot.

It makes me laugh because that is when people return to work after the weekend off, and the first thing they do is hop on Etsy ans shop!!
Sundays are good for me.

In response to Andretta, a friend of mine went to a online marketing workshop where the people were told about the buying power of the "BOW" crowd--the Bored At Work.
Sally - that is too funny and SO true!!
Tuesdays and Thursdays for me. I read somewhere that Thursday is the day people procrastinate most (so... sneaking on Etsy at work!), which always made sense to me... the weekend is so close, yet soooo far.
So far I seem to get more views on Thursdays - I think !
Always different!
Every week is different for me.

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