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Pet Free, Smoke Free Home?

I have seen several clothing sellers state this in their listing. What do you think about this? My home is smoke, and pet free, but I don't feel I need to state this. I just think it is more professional, but I don't know.

What are your thoughts on this?

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It can never hurt to let people know.
Some people really need this info.
People with allergies tend to appreciate having it somewhere in a person's shop. I have it in my policies, but not in each listing.
I've seen posts on here from people who bought things that smelled smoky and weren't too pleased... So for fabric items I do state smoke and pet free. Feel it can't hurt, and as a buyer I think I might find it reassuring, though can't say I've checked or asked when I bought fabric items here.
I've never mentioned it and no one has ever asked. I think I would only mention it if something I was selling smelled like tobacco. My dogs don't shed and are never near my stock.
For some items, it could be an issue. I'm highly sensitive to cigarette smoke, so I'd be quicker to buy clothing or anything that might pick up the smell of smoke from a seller who lists they have a smoke-free home. It might not matter to most people, but it might just be the final nudge to make a sale.
Yes, it is very good to post this. I actually look for this if I'm planning to get something that is fabric or that will hold smells. I don't mind pets but smoking I can't do. I have this in my policies and in other places in my shop.
Oh man, I once bought a sewing machine off the other E site. I got it and it was like a smoking person was in the carton! Whew!!! what a stench! I actually left it out in my garage for about 6 months. It had a yellow film on it too. Once it was cleaned up and didn't smell quite so much anymore I brought it in. It never did lose it's unique tobacco odor, so I sold it to someone local that didn't mind. So I always put that in my listings, I think it's important to know. And I always remember to ask when I'm buying if it's not stated!
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11:17 pm Jan 4, 2013 EST
You certainly do have to state that. I would not want to purchase an item and find it smelled from smoke or had pet hairs in it and I would want to know that before I purchase. So I would ask which I should not have to do. It should be stated in your listing and in your annoucement.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:21 pm Jan 4, 2013 EST
I have never checked when I've purchased a fabric item.

My studio is pet and smoke free. I'd assume it's just a given, ESPECIALLY for smoke. I did receive an item once that smelled heavily of smoke (grosgrain ribbon that was packaged in a plastic bag and plastic envelope. It was definitely on the ribbon before it entered the mail truck.) That seller got negative feedback from me.

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