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Does anyone sell on Zibbet?

I've had a shop there for a while, with no success. I do have the free shop. How do those of you do who have either their free shop, or their upgraded shop?

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I had a shop there for a year, but closed it. I wasn't getting any sales.

Upgraded shops don't always help sales.
I had the free shop and closed it due to lack of sales.
I had a shop there for almost a year and only made 1 sale.
Any Zibbet success stories?????
I had a shop there (and here) when I first started. I didn't get very many views, and I found I was changing things around so often it was too hard to keep up with two shops, so I closed my zibbet shop.

I didn't get very many views, but I also didn't promote it very much. The crowd there seems older, not really my target demographic. They don't have nearly as much organic traffic as Etsy. I was offered a trial premier membership, but it didn't add much. Also, there stats were not as extensive as Etsy's stats, and Zibbet shops can't be linked to Google Analytics.
Sorry, no success on my end. I had a free shop there but closed it a couple months ago due to no sales and low views.

To be fair to Zibbet, I didn't promote it at all. I did find admin extremely helpful when I had questions about a potential email scam - very quick to respond and helpful!
it didn't work for me.
Anyone else? There must be a few Zibbet success stories out there??
I tried the full store thing, a ton of views, no sales. I have had the free side for several months, go figure, my Etsy shop stats are showing incoming from Zibbet. I will keep the free side so I can have my links in the header which lead back to blogs and here. Honestly, that is the only success I have had. Etsy really seems to be where the traffic is.

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