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SLOW sales and drop in views

i'm sure it's just me, but i've noticed a huge drop in my views in the last month or so. also, i have not had a sale in over 2 weeks, which is the biggest stretch without in over 6 months. i imagine things could be slower this time of year, but i am afraid i've done something wrong in changing my tags, descriptions, etc. my views have dropped from over 200 to about 50 per day! yikes!
any ideas, or should i just stop whining!? haha

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Inactive Etsy Member 11:22am Jan 19, 2013 EST
I don't think Google likes words that are ALL CAPS in the titles.
In the first few weeks of January, I noticed a significant drop in views and sales. It seem to have picked up again in the last week so I am not attributing it to a change at Etsy rather than everybody is just trying to pay down credit cards etc from the holidays. I know that I have curbed my own spending myself.

I've noticed less views but it is always so unpredictable that even if you think you know what you SHOULD be receiving you will never know for sure. I had a day the other day where I really felt I had less views, but I had three sales in an hour or two so you can never know for sure.
all great points. i'll try and stay positive and hope for more sales in the near future!

interesting about google and all caps... i've recently been updating my listings so that the title, first line of description and tags all contain repeating words and phrases.
I've had a drop in views and major drop un sales in the last 2 weeks. Not sure why :/
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:29am Jan 19, 2013 EST
My views are down too and haven't had a sale in about two weeks. I'm listing new items regularly yet nothing is changing. I guess people have no money to be splashing about since christmas.
I had great views at the beginning of the month but lately it's been much slower.
My views are WAY down also but it may be that people are recovering from the holiday shopping chaos. Things will improve.
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11:40am Jan 19, 2013 EST
Same for me but I'm not doing anything to help increase my sales or views.

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