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Dead Mail- Post Office Threw Away My package!

I know, another thread about how awful the post office is! Honestly, I am so disappointed in them right now!

I got a message from a customer that the tracking ended in her hometown, and said "Dead Mail/ Disposed by Post Office"! I called the main PO number and they told me the shipping address and return address were not readable. Hmm, I use the DYMO water proof labels, so the only way it wasn't readable would be if the PO destroyed the label. Anyways, they told me to call the general mail facility and talk to them. The lady who answered was VERY rude and said I can't get it back, the PO opened the package and it was perishable, so they disposed of it. Well crabby lady, the items were made from paper, how is that perishable?!

I have never heard of Dead Mail before, so this was a complete shocker! Anyone had any luck retrieving a package that was marked as "dead", or is this a lost cause?

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Maybe talk to a supervisor? Or if that doesn't help keep going up the ladder to the Post Master.
If the package made it to her hometown.. I would have her go see them if she is willing to do so. I am in a very small town, and I had this situation happen with something I bought. TWO packages. Both from Etsy. One was soap and one was jewelry. When I started questioning the post master in person, turns out that one of the contracted employees had been helping herself to items and then stamping packages "received damaged", and Non-deliverable, etc... Hopefully that is not the case with your customer's package but might be worth looking into if she can.
If talking to the post master doesn;t get you anywhere, report it to the postal inspectors at the usps website....it sounds pretty darn fishy to me!

Like the Rustic Home, I've had a few postal employees that made off with some expensive (thankfully insured) packages....but that has stopped since we got a new postmaster. (knock on wood)

Good luck!
I agree with TheRusticHome!
I would be asking how you could of tracked it as dead mail? Couldn't they have looked up the tracking number and gotten both the address and return address?
I would start an insurance claim right away and have them look into why paper was deemed to be perishable?Something sounds a little odd there to me Hope you get this straightened out but aside from insurance claim I would be at a loss as to any other solution.That is terrible
Wow.. They may as well stamp it the dog ate it. sorry that happened to you.

I've had packages get stuck in the system and returned but " damaged and disposed of" wow.

Especially when it is not perishable. If you broke it let someone try to find it first.
What April said, can't the tracking number tell them who the sender and recipient are? Obviously that part of the label was not "destroyed".
Goodness! I don't have anything to really input but I wanted to wish you good luck! I definitely think and insurance claim is in order.

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