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How to reduce the noise from sewing machine?

I restrict my sewing hours because the noise might disturb my neighbor.

How can I reduce the sound while sewing?

I am using a sturdy table and also have placed a thick Gym mat under the table to reduce the vibration and noise. But I still find the sewing machine to be noisy.

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Has it been oiled and cleaned out recently?
It might be easier to put up some noise-proofing material on the wall between the machine and the neighbor.
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oil it
sewing machine should not be that loud ......... many things can cause the noise ....... first to do is to take it into a shop for a deep cleaning ....... they will clean, oil and check it out to make sure no gears are bend our wore out that is making that noise.

I was told to take my machine in every 6 months for cleaning since I use it a lot.
sewing machine should not be that loud

This--or your neighbors are waaaaaaaaaay tooo close! :-)

Seriously--I can barely hear my machine--sounds like time for a tune up!
Agreed with those who suggest cleaning, and oiling it....it really shouldn't be making too much noise if it's well maintained.
Unless it's an old machine....they are naturally noisy.
I also use a mat underneath my sewing machine, so it's not directly on the table. It helps absorb any noise, or movement.
Put a thick cloth under the machine itself, (between table and machine), which should help dampen the vibrations and noise some more. Might also have a radio playing music to mix in, doesn't have to be loud, just to soothe the sound effects.

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Thanks all !!

Yes, I use a thick towel under the machine between the table and the machine.

I regularly clean the machine to remove the dust and oil it, maybe I am not doing it correctly. Will get a professional tune-up done.

@JD, ok will try adding some sound proofing material on the wall.

@onegaikaeru <3

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