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Packing slip

I would love to see etsy give us a short, concise packing slip form without pictures, just basic information similar to Paypal or ebay. We can then use one sheet of paper for both.
I have started hand writing packing slips for all orders that use DC here on etsy and that is rather time consuming.
Please make it easier for us to use DC.

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I wrote my packing slip by hand today, too, for my DC purchase.
Would be nice to have an even better option.
I agree! I've gotten to where I crop half the page before printing it.
Had to sign in to say Yes Please to this request:)

Current way is a waste of ink and paper...both are not cheap.
Could we have a one page combo packing slip, seller receipt, and label confirmation on one sheet, with tracking number from PAYPAL, so we can easily upload if we do not use DC????

I know you want us to use DC, but I will not use DC until it is as easy as Paypal, and as cheap, and reliable.

Saving Etsy sellers money on ink and paper is a good thing.

It seems that it would be a simple change for etsy to make in comparison to the major renovations they have done to the site in other areas recently..

Giving us that option would mean we could work faster and more productively and maybe list more things to sell. Will keep hoping.

Until then I will keep my pen handy because I am done printing out those long and cluttered receipts.
We do our own Packing slip. Simply copy and paste the relevant information with our logo and header at the top. It is very easy and that is what goes in the package to the customer.
I also create my own packing slip with copy and paste method, But if you have a lot of orders to get out at once that is not always the best way. It would be great to just print one from etsy like I do paypal.
A packing slip would be awesome. What I do for now is shrink my receipt down to 50% and then turn it to landscape before I print. It prints exactly the size of a Paypal packing slip so I can use the other half for my label. It still uses more ink than I would like, but at least I save on paper. The font is kind of small but still legible.
I shrink my receipt down too.

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