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Iten not yet received but USPS tracking says delivered


I just got an email from one of my customers asking me when I mailed her item because her sister says she hasn't received it yet. I looked at the order and the tracking number, I sent it on the 2nd and according to the tracking number it was delivered on the 4th.

What do I do about that?

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I've had this happen several times, the majority of the time it was delivered to or taken in by a neighbor. Ask your customer to have her sister check with her neighbors (is she in an apartment?) and most importantly, check with the carrier. I've also called my customers' local post offices to inquire. They can also help with filing a lost package report.
Hi Heather, tracking doesn't seem to be very reliable these days. Have the buyer check with her PO, and neighbors, it might have gone to the wrong address. You can call your PO, give them the tracking # and have them check into it. There is also a missing package form you can fill out, and/or an 800 # you can call. If you had insurance (3rd party), you can file a claim with them if it isn't found. The good news is, if you persevere and keep bugging the PO, going higher up the authority ladder, it's usually found.
Thank you :)
The only way to make sure the buyer has received a package is to use signature confirmation. (Though not many people like it.)

Delivery Confirmation is very unreliable.
blaire is right just because it SAYS it was delivered does not mean it actually was

once all the other stuff is done and the buyer or giftee still has not received it I do hope you either resend or refund
Sometimes packages are scanned as "Delivered" at the buyer's local Post Office before they go onto the carrier's truck. Sometime they don't make it onto the truck, sometimes the carrier leaves a pink slip in the mailbox, sometimes the carrier misdelivers it.

That's why it's important to check with the buyer's local Post Office, and soon. It may be sitting there waiting to be picked up, or perhaps the carrier remembers where he/she delivered it.
In the last 6 weeks, two supply orders that I was expecting were scanned "delivered", yet the packages never made it to my door. VERY frustrating, both for me and the suppliers. The most recent instance was just yesterday. I didn't know about the lost package form, so will check in to that!

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