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Dark and Cute crochet business names?

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Inactive Etsy Member 7:52 pm Jul 1, 2013 EDT
Im looking to possibly change my crochet business name.
Its currently The Craftle Box (pronounced like Tackle box, but with craft instead of tack) (www.facebook/com/craftlebox), but I dunno if that name is the best.
My best sellers on my FB page are my MLP recreations, my VooDoo Buddies, and my Stumpees (armless and legless friends), so Im looking for kinda a dark but still sweet like name.
Right now, I have Heart Hooked, Boogey Boutique, and Spooky Stitches.
If anyone else has any other ideas, please share them. Im desperately trying to get my business up and running.

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Boogey Boutique sounds the best to me
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:57 pm Jul 1, 2013 EDT
Really? Cuz I really like it, but someone before told me they would never buy something from a place with Boogey in the name cuz it sounded gross ;-;
My sister thinks I should do Bug's Boutique, cuz my nickname is Bug.
I guess it depends on how you pronounce it, I'm thinking more Boogie than Boogey lol but then that doesn't make much sense. Tattoo studios tend to have really good names, maybe you could adapt something? My favourite is Evil from the Needle
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:12 pm Jul 1, 2013 EDT
Maybe I should spell it Boogie Boutique. Like Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas.
I had a name, Underworld Boutique, but it was taken already by a tattoo shop. Evil from the Needle sounds adorable lol I love that. I wonder if I could use that.. ^-^
When I hear Boogie, I think of disco. (And, where I'm from boogie and boogey would be pronounced the same. Note sure HOW you'd pronounce them differently. Now, bogey is definitely a different pronunciation, but makes no sense in this instance.) You might want to be careful about using the term boogie as it's also a degrading urban term used to describe black people.
I, too, like Evil from the Needle, but I think I'd shorten it. Maybe Evil Needles or Needle Evil. Or:

Dark Needles
Nightmare Needles
Creature Crochet
Dark Dreams
Wicked Crochet
The Twisted Needle

Yup but so was Picnic and yet none of my race remember that lol so I doubt you'll get into much trouble for using Boogie, it's an actual word. I like Creature Crochet but I think it suggests monsters which I don't think she's selling, maybe The Twisted Needle Boutique
I agree that there would most likely be no problem with using "boogie". I just wanted to make her aware of it. Regarding "picnic", the rumor that this is or once was a racist word has been universally discounted.
Ahhh well :) there are still other words used which black people seem to suffer amnesia when they choose to use them to describe themselves and others
I learn something new every day lol I had no idea that was a racist term.
I really like The Twisted Needle too.
My sister gave me another last night; Hooked on Wicked.
I love heart hooked!
me too. love the alliteration :)
LOL I love your ideas. Try this: set your timer for 5 minutes. Get out a blank piece of paper and a pen. Brainstorm all the words that would describe the shop that you want. Don't censor yourself & don't worry about spelling, just write all the words you can thing of. When 5 min is up look back over your list. The perfect words for your shop will pop out, promise. That's how I got Fluffy Flowers :) Best of luck!
I love Boogey Boutique, however youd like to spell it. Don't mind the silly people who wont buy from a store because of a name. One of my favorite Etsy shops has stupid in the name. I think its adorable! Any of the 3 names are great.
Eye of the Needle
Brilliant name Lisa. Love it!
How about 'SpookyYarns'.....
Same person here, just a different account. Another few ideas i had were Basket Case Creations, Pure Silliness Crochet, and Minnie's Craft Boutique (my nickname is Minnie Mouse).
What do you guys think?
I really like Basket Case Creations......fabulous!
I'm suggesting "Crafty Crochetique"...for your consideration. I just thought of it now...never heard of it before. Your subtitle could be "Dark and Cute Hooked Creations by Kaitlynne Jensen"...or just "Dark and Cute Original Creations by Kaitlynne Jensen".
Omg i love it! O.O

My boyfriend is being a buzz killington and saying people won't know how to pronounce it ;-;
But its definitely going to the top of my list. Thank you!
Or "Boutique Crochetique"...

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