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Reseller Featured in Etsy Finds Email

Dear Etsy,

I try to mind my own business and not look at what other shops are selling. I've also given up on reporting resellers because, even with direct links to the exact, unmodified items bought on aliexpress (and I don't mean one or two listings, I mean all 200+ listings in one shop), it's a fruitless effort in my experience. But it's very discouraging when Etsy promotes resellers in their marketing emails.

A Frustrated Hat Maker in Cupcake land.
Madame Merrywidow.

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You read my mind.
I unsubscribed so I missed it :/
It's always frustrating when a website refuses to follow its own guidelines. Even more so when they turn around and make things more difficult for people who do.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:10pm Jul 10, 2013 EDT
Yes, it is very frustrating.
i unsubscribed, too. tired of looking at it. :(
maybe there should be a new rule - no resellers and no sellers who "hand make" exact replicas of reseller type items.
If you want to cry, search charm bracelets.
My own daughter asked me to buy a phone case from Etsy, and when she showed it to me, I said no way! I had to explain to her why it hurts sellers of actual handmade items when you buy a resold item.
She can probably get it cheaper on Amazon anyway. That's where my kid buys her phone cases. They arrive pretty quickly from China ;-)
As someone who actually makes their own phone cases, it really annoys me to have to compete with all the resellers on this "handmade" site.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:04pm Jul 10, 2013 EDT
I think Etsy promotes whoever is bringing in a lot of money - whether or not the shop is breaking the rules. Apparently, Etsy thinks the rules don't apply to them and whoever they choose.
Not the first time and sadly will not be the last. I, too, have unsubscribed many moons ago just so I would not get my panties in a wad every time it happens!

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