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New feedback star system?

So I was searching around and couldn't find another thread about this.

But I just looked at my profile and noticed it's changed from 12 hours ago and now has a star system for feedback.


Fortunately I'm all five stars but I don't know how I'lll feel the next time I get feedback and it's 4 stars.

Also I seem to be able to "report reviews" (Sweet!). But seriously, what does that mean

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Hi there! Those of you seeing this have happened upon a test that we're running to gather more data as we work on improving Feedback. This test was only possible after a lot of research, including buyer interviews and an open survey to sellers. We're keeping a really close eye on this to make sure that everything is working as expected, and if you'd like to read our initial announcement on the Feedback project, you can read that here:


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Oh my. I don't have that yet. Not sure how I'll feel about it. That's a little... eBay for my tastes.
totally agree...not good
I actually think it might be better, if they take everything into consideration. For example, I recently got a negative feedback the day an item shipped - it wasn't based on the quality of the product, or anything related to that - the buyer misread my description and took 1-3 days processing time to mean shipping time and that they'd have it in that time frame.
My main concern is with a star rating, it gives the customer more of an opportunity to not be 100% satisfied. They might start "looking" for reasons to knock down a star.

Say an item took a little bit longer to arrive than they expected. Now, they'd still give you a positive (most would anyway) because the service and product are still great. With a star rating, that might knock one star off
off the rating, thus, less than perfect feedback for a seller who did everything in their power to ensure that the customer is 100% satisfied.

I acknowledge our feedback system needs a change. I think the addition of a prompt to contact the seller is awesome. I think the "I didn't receive my item" and "Item not as described" options are great.
But I think those should be added to the current system, and not have a total overhaul that could very well make many of us look less than what we actually are.

Of course, these are only my thoughts, musings, and predictions of circumstance.
Smacks of ebay and their horrible feedback system. If sellers get a star rating, will buyers get one too? You know for sellers to rate their experience with the buyer during the transaction?
I think the new system is fantastic and a long time coming. If Etsy is in control of the math it will be perfect. For example, in the test a neutral shows up now as three stars, a negative as one. If admin keeps that concept alive for the buyer it is a win for both sides. Let the buyer have three choices, positive, neutral and negative, but let Etsy interpret that into the 5 star system.
Hmmmm sounds to much like ebay.
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:21am Aug 23, 2013 EDT
I really dislike Ebays feedback system. I've always like Etsy's simplicity in that regard. But I wish seller/buyer feedback was right there together so it could be read. I think that is the only fair way. But what do I know. :)
A lot of us left EBay because of how that star system was damaging to smaller sellers. Everyone thinks it can't happen here and sellers will stay, but if a mass exodus can and did occur on a giant like EBay, it can happen here. All that's needed is a viable alternative and enough damaging tinkering on this site that it becomes intolerable to stay.
I agree! I love the simplicity of Etsy's feedback system. Though I don't like the fact that we can not respond to a negative or neutral feedback. I find that unfair.
Or maybe the color of the shirt they purchased doesn't flatter their skin tone and left them feeling sad... Thats a 3-4 star rating right there.
Ooooooh, they must be rolling something new out. I don't have it yet either. Very interesting.
Ok, Tim, I am confused. Are the ones who have the star system the only ones who can see it? I just went to your shop and all I could see was the old way.....Love your pop can aviation - any beer cans in there? OOPS, my bad, I see beer cans too! Cooool!
Kimberly, usually tests on etsy are user specific. So if you are NOT in the test you do not see any changes anywhere. If you ARE in the test, you see the changes everywhere.
Thank You Shelley! I thought I was in the Twilight zone or something!
BTW I can see the five star system when I look at your shops. So it must be something that only shows for given users. Here's what I see i134.photobucket.com/albums/q95/thedolenfiles/Newfeedback_zps609ea0...
Thanks Tim! Wonder how that will fly with everyone. (No reference to the aviation theme.....no, seriously!)
Love your can planes!! Very cool!! BTW, my son is a fellow Penn Stater! Had the best time there! :)
I think it looks horrible... Hate the idea of a star system.
I have it too!!!!!!!!!
I would say it's definitely something they're testing.

(And yuck)
Thanks for showing the screenshot - horrible - hate stars.
So , they have replaced the percentage % of positive feedback into stars? to for every fraction its off from 100% the 5th star looks partially less full ?
What I don't understand is how you received star ratings already... If most people dont have access to leave star ratings, how do you have so many?
"Report reviews" is probably if someone left retaliatory feedback, or maybe personal information.

Just like the new shop layout, if Tim has the test, only he can see it, whether in his shop or others.
I have it too. I see "Reviews" and five gold stars underneath it in place of Feedback on the shop pages but the listings still say feedback.

I can leave a Review for my recent purchase using the star system. I also have the ability to edit my most recent purchase Feedback now called a "Review" but not using the star system.

My star choices are:

1 star – Disappointed
2 stars – Not a fan
3 stars – It’s okay
4 stars – Like it
5 stars – love it

There are also 2 additional choices underneath the stars that say

“I haven’t received this item” and “Item isn’t as described”

If you click either of these it takes you to a page that encourages you to contact the shop and look over there policies and shipping guidelines. I like this feature a lot but not too sure about the stars.

My biggest concern so far is that I can't find a place to leave feedback as a seller for my buyers.
It is possible that you may not be able to leave feedback for buyers....
I can't remember where to leave feedback for buyers anyway. I occasionally get something when I first login that says something along the lines of "you have x number of items awaiting feedback."
Usually you go to "Account" on the top right and a drop-down appears where you can select "feedback". Not sure how it looks for you right now with the change.
From what I can tell buyers have no feedback or reviews.
I think they may have removed feedback for buyers.
yep. honestly i don't see much of a point of buyer feedback. except sellers may be afraid to leave feedback (as buyer) because they can get a neg too.
BUT etsy would have to take bad buyer's seriously. and blocking options would help
feedback for buyers made sense when the payment system wasn't integrated and they haven't really made updates to the feedback system since then.
Not liking the break out of the start system. I don't feel what I would call love for some inanimate things, I need them but don't love them. Like you need some supplies or tools, but it is a need, not a love. So equating love to everything doesn't feel right as a description at all to me. In that case I would much rather see something that referred to the customer service rather than the item.
Duh, typo there, meant star system.
Ugh, that could really effect 100 percent ratings I would think
Becca, I think you were right after all, this is really gonna START something, lol!
Ditto to: My biggest concern so far is that I can't find a place to leave feedback as a seller for my buyers.

Why would any buyer leave feedback if they would not receive a feedback themself from the seller. I have a 5 star rating but if this doesn't change to where I can give feedback to my buyers, I feel only that buyers will only leave feedback if they are unhappy with their purchase.
Wow that is horrible for a vintage seller and leaves a lot of interpretation for buyer remorse. Not liking this at all and considering just going back to EBay where all the traffic is, anyway. If it's going to be as bad as EBay I may as well have the buyers.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:21am Aug 23, 2013 EDT
I agree about the buyers remorse issue. This looks very problematic. If an item is as described but a buyer just decides they don't like it any more, or it doesn't look exactly the same in person as it did in the photo, then they can leave 2 stars! I am very worried about this as a vintage seller.

This new feedback system simply gives buyers more opportunity to be convinced they are dissatisfied. When buyers are remorseful about spending, they can now express that aggravation by leaving poor star ratings, regardless of whether or not they received exactly what they paid for , knowing full well what they were doing. "I cant believe I spent $45 on that candle" - CLICK "Im not a fan"
So, even if they have admittedly received an item that is as described, they can still leave bad star ratings? The feedback system should be about whether or not what was purchased was what was received, not loose interpretations of whether they were glad they purchased it or not.. The proposed new system serves to exemplify a customers sense of buyers remorse.
Have to agree with you.....scary~! From bad to worse.
I did read about this somewhere is is another test they are trying just like the new listing format. I don't think it is as elegant as percentages. A little too "Amazon" for my taste.
I agree, percentages are the most logical, scientific way of determining any data...
Why do I feel like Etsy is becoming EBay?
However, on EBAY both the seller and buyer leave feedback which is how it should be. Honestly, buyers leave feedback here and expect a feedback in return.
I leave feedback as a seller on every sale I make.. Can we use something besides stars because that seems overused.
Yes but on ebay a seller can only leave positive feedback and a buyer can leave positive, negative or neutral. Not a fair system in my book.
catwands, this is exactly why I left Ebay as a seller.
because they are.
The star rating system on eBay was the last straw for many eBayers, because it caused buyers to voice dissatisfaction on too many levels. Sometimes too much transparency and too many feedback options lends itself to convince people they arent happy, when they otherwise may have been totally satisfied. If you ask a buyer to question too many elements they can go from happy to upset pretty easily.
Sounds as if it's mostly based on how much the buyer likes the item, rather than on customer service which currently seems to be a big factor in a lot of people's feedback. For someone like me who sells mostly OOAK items, I'm not sure how helpful this would be.
Yes and in the case of some items that are more supply or tool in nature, I am not sure how much *love* some might feel for supplies or tools? I could see this really hurting some sellers whose items don't inspire a feeling of loving an item. The focus for those might better be on the customer service + the item.
My thoughts too. It seems like it would be beneficial to have separate ratings for product review and customer service review.
Trudy this is a very good point!
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:39pm Aug 22, 2013 EDT
woah!!! your pop can airplanes are SO COOL!

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