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How many items should I have listed when I open my shop?

Hi Etsy World!!

I am just in the process of creating some inventory for my new shop (woo hoo!!), but had heard a couple of conflicting things on the forums. Is it better to start with loads of inventory listed or just a few to get started? If so, what would be your reason for either? I ask because I heard that when you first open, if you have more inventory, you have a higher likely hood of staying at the top of some of the searches for my specific product for a longer period. Of course I understand this will also depend on a few factors, but just wanted to see what others thought or what their experience was when opening?

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! Look forward to helping others out in the future!

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I don't know about these rumours about getting to the top of some searches, but I say that buyers can't find your shop at all if there's nothing listed...I'd recommend opening now and stocking up as you o along rather than waiting till you've built up stock - others may think differently though!
Welcome to Etsy, Paulo!

Of course, the more you have to offer, the more choices potential Buyers will have. However, I sell my Handmade Items Seasonally only; at a smaller volume. So at any given time, I will have approx. 12 Listings; which is all the styles I have (I do have multiples of each, though). But when I begin Listing, that is the amount of Listings which is normally in my Shop.

When you open up, I wish you all the best!
It can be very easy to get so tied up with having everything perfect, that you never actually open your shop - and I speak from experience here - it was a year from signing up to actually opening.

I would say that although a larger inventory in the long run is better for searches etc. the best approach in the initial stages is to list little and often - I started with 5 items, added 1 or 2 a day for a while and 7 months later I have 75 sales. The advantage of this method is that everything doesn't expire on the same day - and- the act of listing always seems to boost visits too.

Hope this helps, and good luck!
I liked your advice. I have a new shop and only have 5 items currently. I was really stuck in that attitude of "wait till everything is perfect" approach. I am going to gradually add more items starting next week. Thanks for the tips.
Karen, you make a great point! Thanks for your input!
As many as you have.
The more the better! Definitely have two pages I think to start!
List now. Don't wait. Then get to work, make more, list those, and soak up all the smarts people are offering you on here to tweak your listings so that they can be found with good keywords and titles :~)
Just my opinion, but I'd say 12 items. That shows up as three full rows of pictures on the page and makes your shop look well stocked right from the start.

I think I started with 10 and was surprised when someone added a stamp to their favorites the next day. I expected to have to wait a month at least for anyone to find me, since I don't do Facebook or Twitter.

Good luck with you shop!!
Paulo, if you have it list it, and as you go along list as much as you can

I started my first week with around 200 items and had a sale within 3 days, has never stopped since as I have daily sales

But most importantly start with good titles rich with keywords, add 2 word phrases into tags
Make the first line of your description reflect what the item is (with colors- as my persomal opinion is shoppers want a specific color item) and the best cohesive backgrounds with clear photos

Sizes in Metric and Imperial

In your shop announcement go STRAIGHT into what you are selling, no waffle about welcome to my shop, as etsy and google use the first few words for their search
Linda - Thanks for sharing your advice! Congrats on your shop and I hope I too can be successful like you :)
Linda, I just visited your shop and love it and your story. As I'm gathering information to launch my own shop, I found your advice and shop examples to be very helpful.
Yes, don't stop at twelve! Try to add something every day if you can.

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