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Best scissors for applique fabric cutting and paper cutting

Need opinions on the best scissors for cutting fabric appliques and paper.

I have learned you don't cut paper with your fabric scissors and visa versa.

So what are the best kind for each material. I have decided against getting any type of die cut machine as I don't think for the money they will do what I want or need.

Thanks for your help.

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I would like to know this too. I have probably like 12 pairs of scissors.....none of them really work. I'm always at odds with them.
I have tried tons of fabric scissors, and I haven't been totally thrilled with any of them. The $75 pair weren't any better than the $25. I think my favorite (marginally) have been a pair of Fiskars with a gray handle from Joann's. I tried a pair with a different colored handle, because according to the package they were the same, but the handle broke within a few weeks. So, I went back to the gray ones. Anyway, for the price, I vote for Gray Fiskars.

For paper, I have no idea!
My mom always had such a trouble training her husband about which scissors he could and couldn't use. She finally bought herself a pair of black scissors and told him BLACK. BAD.
I love my gingher scissors for fabric, and for detail paper cutting I have some little sharp pointed fiskers. they say Cutting Edge on them.
This made me laugh - I have been living with my partner about five years and when we all moved in together he and my son were having a chat and he asked him on any tips that really upset me (my son was 18 at the time) he replied never touch her dressing making shears that's why she divorced dad lol (it wasn't - but his never touched them lol)
Karen, that is way too funny!
I have used my good scissors to many times to cut plastic or something and I should know better cuz I'm a hairstylist and I certainly wouldn't use my expensive hair scissors on anything but hair! My craft scissors I buy from Michael's usually. They have a lot of different types & sizes. I don't know which brand there is best but they have a big assortment. Download one of their 40% off coupons before you go :-)
I have a pair of orange handled Fiskars scissors from JoAnns that work great for just cutting fabric. But for cutting out appliques I have a pair of small blue-handled scissors, they say "Heritage" on the blade but I'm not sure if thats the brand or not. I got them from a Viking Huqsvarna dealer inside a JoAnns shop in California. They are so sharp and have an incredibly tiny pointed tip, phenomenal for getting into nooks and crannies or appliques.

For paper I just use a pair of purple handled Fiskars. I don't think there is much difference between the purple and the orange handles, I just know that paper dulls scissors faster than fabric does so I don't want my fabric scissors getting dull. So in my house purple = paper!
I use a small pair of singer scissors to cut felt. Sounds like these would work great for you too. I think they are called something like exact cutting scissor, not real sure. But they are small and razor sharp.
I second Gingher scissors to cut fabric being used for applique.
These scissors cut just about anything:
Tonic Studios Tim Holtz 817 Kushgrip Non Stick Micro Serrated Snips you can search for them on Amazon. No that expensive either.
This actually works but wouldn't recommend it for expensive scissors - fold up some ordinary kitchen foil and cut it up with your scissors - it does sharpen them up if you are really desperate and have no others.

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