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Good TV series to binge watch?

I need a new show to watch while packing orders. Any recommendations? Good writing, good acting, character development - all that good stuff....

~ Karen

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My husband and I love Big Bang Theory! We got hooked on it when his parents bought seasons 1 and 2 for him last year - we own all of them now!
I've def binged on that show! That was my first thought
We're just finishing up the season 6 DVDs. We want to watch it all before the new season starts tomorrow night (we hadn't started watching it on tv when season 6 started last year, so we just waited until the dvds came out).
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:46 pm Sep 25, 2013 EDT
That show always has all of us in our house cracking up. Can't get enough of Sheldon and Amy
Big Bang Theory is definitely the funniest thing on TV.
Sheldon is hilarious!!
I love Big Bang - we watch it every night
But - Breaking Bad and Mad Men and Justified are my favs for binge watching
Vote 1 for Breaking Bad. We just started watching the series before going on holidays and we are just hanging to get back into it! Loved it from the first episode!
I loved Bob Newhart's guest appearance. I thought that was the funniest episode of the season.

That was great! We just watched that one last night.
LOVE Big Bang! :D
HA I was going to say Big Bang Theory too!
oh this is so not a good thread for me LOL.......

Once Upon a Time
Under the dome
Vampire Diaries
NCIS , NCIS Los Angeles
Rookie Blue
The Following
Arrow Beauty and the Beast

uh Ican keep going if need be. haha.

there are a bunch of new ones tarting in the next few weeks.

DVR'd the Premier of Marvel agents of Shield.. last night watching tonight.
Is Under the Dome scary? I can't handle scary, but the promos look interesting.
No The first episode when the cow gets cut in half is icky, but that's about it.. If you don't do scary DON'T Read the book. LOL.... it's scarier than the show. I'm sorry but I watch it mainly for barbie. haha.
Not scary, just incredibly stupid. The TV show, that is.
KJF, I'm so glad someone else finally said it. Now I can stop feeling ashamed of my shallowness because he's my #1 reason for watching, too (though I do like the show). Barbie. Is. Hot. I also agree about the cow. Close your eyes when you see the cows; it's disgusting.
I also watch Revolution for Miles........ erg....... and Hawaii-5-oh for McGarrett...... he was awesome as Mick St. John...
I watch under the dome and it s not scary!
We love it and remember the film movie of steven spielberg made in 80's "battery not included" mix with " cocoon"!
i see all first season with mt husband and i think it s great new kind of series. Steven spielberg and stephen king make this production.

I try to watch revolution but something is missing or surproduction maybe!

I loved the Movie Batteries not Included!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't care for the "mom" on Revoution I like Jason and Miles..
I watched Under the Dome this summer. It wasn't scary, but I don't think it was particularly well acted either. The only reason I really watched it was I don't have zillions of extended channels, and everything else was re-runs.
for who like fantasy i really like this serie "UNCE UPON A TIME"
It s a great mix of today and story book characters!
He he, yes Barbie is rather hunky! :)
I only have NetFlicks, and I watch Hulu (through my computer - to big Screen TV).

So what I want to know is are they going to have a new season of Nashville?

OMG can't stand where they left it...lol, I was addicted to that show!
Series premiere of Nashville was on tonight. Love, love, love that show.
Yay! Good to hear. I also love the voice, I'm really into music and its a great show!
I really enjoy the voice, but the best part is the auditions!
I live in Nashville and I have never watched the show Nashville. I guess I need to check it out.
I've watched a lot of those but the Following was too violent and sick for me...
Lie to Me
YES! I was heart sick when they cancelled that show!

I am a die hard M*A*S*H fan. Down here they will run it back to back for days,,,, Love me some Alan Alda, well, the whole cast really. I never tire of the 4077.
I loved that one too!
Love Lie to Me!!! You have me wondering if there are more seasons than we have seen, we watched it on TV.
Loved Lie to Me... so sad when it was cancelled :(
Lie to me was canceled way too soon. It was such a good show. It has great Netflix ratings. I assume it was under promoted or had a bad time slot or something?
I loved Lie to Me! Completely stunned as to why they cancelled it. Way, way too early.
It's a goodie!
I really miss that show. :( All my faves wind up canceled!
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:25 pm Sep 25, 2013 EDT
House of Cards, on Netflix.
OMGSh- I agree Cynde! We can't wait for the new season to start and so glad we have something to fill our Breaking Bad addiction!
House of Cards is next up in our DVD queue. Hubs wants to watch it, too.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:32 pm Sep 25, 2013 EDT
Patina, you could just see the train wreck coming. First series I've watched in which none of the characters had any redeemable qualities. :)
Love House of Cards! When does the new season come out?
Best show on either big screen or TV as far as hubs and I are concerned. Be prepared to binge and not get a lick of work done/multitask.

I love the direction of subscription on demand quality programming with no commercials!
I love House of Cards.. Cannot wait for the second season...
I'm totally hooked! Isn't season 2 coming in January? I think I heard that some time ago, but not sure.
Scandal, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Walking Dead
Would you say that Scandal is on a par with these other shows you mention? Those are A+ shows and I'll give Scandal a try if you think it's up there - or close to up there.
I've heard Scandal is really good. It's on my shows to watch list.
Scandal is awesome! It is one of my favorites!
I read it was better from the second season on.
Love, love love Walking Dead, hanging for the new season. Might have to look up Scandal, I haven't heard of that one. :)
Scandal!!! Hands down. I was hooked within the first five minutes of episode 1. Season 3 starts in a couple of weeks. So now is the time to get hooked. Kerry Washington is awesome.
I LOVE Scandal!!! I think I watched the first season in like a day...I could NOT stop watching it!
Oh yeah, Scandal is super addictive and def on par with the other shows. You won't be sorry!
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:47 pm Dec 14, 2013 EST
I love Scandal! Used to watch Lost.
OH! How could I forget Arrested Development????
definitely Arrested Development
Orange is the New Black
Breaking Bad
House of Cards
I love the first three- haven't seen the 4th. We don't "watch" tv so something we can turn on when it is convenient for us is perfect- all Netflix!
You have great taste! LOL! I'd say same plus Fringe and Lilyhammer.
Love Orange is the New Black...I didn't think I'd like it but I was hooked after the first episode.
LOVE Californication! Hank makes me laugh plus he is sexy!
oops...hee hee caps lock.... it comes back this year!!!!
Orange is the new black .. my guilty pleasure:-)
Hmmm my favorite if you haven't seen it (and I promise I'm not a weirdo) is Dexter. It's in it's final season but if you have the ability to download them it's a great series! I also love Nurse Jackie and Californication...
I'm gonna miss dexter
Ugh me too! I haven't seen the last episode yet. I don't want it to end so I'm just waiting ... :) I'm a dork.
Merrit Wever (on Nurse Jackie) just won an Emmy! She is quirky adorable.
She looked amazing! Her tribute to James G. (won't attempt to spell) was really moving.
I watched all seasons of Dexter and was really disappointed in the last few seasons. It had so much potential on where the story could go, but it became a joke (in my opinion). But, the first 4-5 seasons were good. ;)
Oh bummer... I have to say I loved every season. But I'm still waiting to watch the last show!
Lisa - you might like the finale since you've enjoyed all the seasons. Then again, if you go into it with low expectations, then it will seem all the better!

I just thought there were way too many plot holes and pointless sides stories (particularly this last season). Maybe I expected too much?
Ok I will expect the worst! Maybe I just won't watch it all. Just kidding :)

I think a lot of of fans were disappointed with the last season... you aren't alone.
Oh yes, I love Dexter too, awesome show! I will miss it too! I am also pretty partial to True Blood.
Another vote for Dexter here!

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