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How long on Etsy and how many sales?

I have been selling on Etsy for almost 3 months and have had 10 sales.

How long have you guys been on Etsy and how many sales do you have?

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over 6 years - 895 sales in this shop :)
That is Amazing! Congrats Fluffy! :)
Thanks Meli :)
Great sales Fluffy!

I just registered yesterday finger-cross XD.
Congrats fluffy!
Fluffy, do you have any advice for the newbies?
That is AMAZING, good for you!
Almost 2 years and over 3000. The first 6 months were slow as I knew nothing about SEO and tagging.
I still don't:)
2 months and I really have to get into SEO's too!
OMG!! Love your shop!
Wow thats great!!
wow thats awesome, I hope to be where you are in 2 years time!
LOVE your shop!
Great googly moogly, 3000 sales! Wow, Just that's something to crow about!
outstanding! Congratulations!
Not quite 3 months (started 7/2) and 31 sales
Two weeks. Two sales! :)
Started the beginning of March have about 110 sales.
I'm impressed by such numbers in few months! Kuddos!
Thank you!! There aren't too many of us selling critter sleepies and such on etsy. :)
That's wonderful! Do you have any advice for us beginners?
Amazing, Jenny! But, I can't access your shop. You may check that.
I've been here since January 7th this year and have 446 sales.
Love your right on with my shop and personal philosophy....bringing new life to what's old and considered, by some, useless!!

Just found an amazing Reed and Barton silverplated retired platter that would be so awesome handstamped!!

May you continue to be successful!!
I second, very cute creations.
I have been here 6 1/2 years. 457 sales. Not a lot of sales compared to other sellers who have been here the same amount of time, but I am happy. :)
6 weeks 2 sales :)
6 months...64 sales

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