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Why are you leaving Etsy?

Im curious....

Are you leaving Etsy because of their idea of handmade?
If so - what are your views/sales like? Do you make good money here, but dont like the direction Etsy is headed in?

Are you leaving because your views/sales are really low?
Do you think you'll get better sales on another site?

My views/favorites yesterday are still high.
Im still getting sales here and there.
I wish I didnt spend so much money on fee's but the truth is, Im actually selling on Etsy. Do I pack up and leave or just stay here?

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I'm not leaving.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:32 am Oct 3, 2013 EDT
Not leaving either.
As long as I keep making money I'll stay.
Not leaving as well.
not leaving either. Spreading my eggs yes but not leaving......
I'm sticking around. But I wonder what the breakdown is of full timers vs. hobbyists in each group (staying and going).
As KJF said, not leaving but spreading the eggs around ...
I'm still here but paying Etsy's fees sure cut into your profits (if there is any left) every month if you don't get many sales.

Etsy may need to re-think their listing fees if they don't improve the sales.
Not going anywhere.
Me neither. Staying put.
I'm staying.
Etsy left me
Word! dot dot dot dot dot to 15 bloody characters
Spaces count:)

True dat!
Etsy used to be cute and fun and hip, and I was proud of my Homeys and how everything was so artsy. Now, I feel like I have a funky booth set up in the Walmart.
"Etsy left me" - LOVE that! and ditto.
Same here - trying to rekindle "our" relationship LOL
Dottie your shop is ADORABLE!!
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:02 am Oct 3, 2013 EDT
I'm not planning on leaving.
I'm not leaving, I just got here!!
Me too!
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:53 pm Dec 2, 2013 EST
me three...you have to work it to make it!!
Me neither.

Being somewhere else at the same time is never a bad idea, though....
Not leaving at this time. Simply expanding my internet presence via more venues.
The same for me.
Same here. Time will tell whether I close shop, but not before Xmas.
same here
Same here. Just opened up another shop elsewhere and listed some items on ebay. I want options, just in case:)
I am opening elsewhere also. I have been working hard on my etsy shop lately, and hate to think of wasting all that effort. I will stay open here through the holidays, but I think after the changes go into effect Jan. 1st, there won't be any place for small shops like mine here and there won't be anyone in admin who will care to listen.
Ditto what Zil said!!!
Yup, putting a few eggs in another basket, but staying here, too.
Not planning on leaving at this time. Waiting and watching.
I'm staying. For myself, I'd rather wait a while and be sure of how the changes are all going to play out. Also, it is far too close to the holidays to be trying something new for me.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:54 pm Dec 2, 2013 EST
What changes are coming? I am new here so still tinkering around.


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