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This is an updated list of ideas that’ll help you build your brand, traffic, and grow sales.

There are four major elements you need to know before you can get the full benefit of promoting yourself online. Otherwise you’ll soon find that you are spending lot’s of time in lot’s of places with very little benefit.

The first element to online promotion are keywords. Do not underestimate how important keywords will be to your Etsy business. In this case you’ll need a large inventory of keywords. So let’s look into how to get them and then how to use them.

1. Brainstorm to find ideas that are relevant to the product you sell. Make a list and label it “seed keywords”
2. Brainstorm a list of topics and themes that relate to your type of business. Example, if you sell jewelry to women it might make sense to add, parenting, shopping, women’s health, weddings, etc. Basically anything women would find interesting. label this list “topic seed”
3. Use a keyword tool to find keyword ideas based on all your seed keywords.
example: if parenting was on one of your seed lists, the keyword ideas you’ll find:
results I liked:
parenting skills
parenting tips
parenting issues
etc, for as many that you think are good ideas

Do this for all your keyword seeds until you have 300-800 keywords you like.
Yes you will need most of them.

Second element to successfully promoting your business is knowing your target market. That does not mean you need to know every single thing about them, but at least have a general idea of who is most likely to purchase your products and what topics interest them.

Here’s why. When you use social media or blogging you won’t promote your products directly. Meaning you need another way to get them to you. That’s why you need the keywords and you need to know what will get them to enjoy what you write or share.

The third element to being successful online is links. Links have the power to lead people to your Etsy shop. The more links you have out there the more opportunity you’ll have. Of course just having links everywhere won’t do much for you. The webpages you place your links on need to give the user a good reason to visit you. That’s why it’s important to know who you are trying to attract to your store. You’re better armed with knowing what to put on the webpage to get them to you.

Another thing about links is that Google uses them too. Google uses links to figure out how important your page is. So the better the link pointing to your webpage, the easier it is for you to rank on google.

Webpages need content in order to work for promotion. Content can be a video, text, audio, and images. The problem with content is you have to create it yourself. That takes time and creativity. Imagine trying to create a constant flow of articles for your blogs, things to write about on social media, ideas for videos and images? That would suck up all your time.

Instead use a content creation system.

Each week write one detailed article that includes information about your product, business, and addresses a topic your target customer is interested in. Example, write an article about “parenting skill in 2014”, that includes slideshow of the mommy jewelry you sell in your shop, which links to relevant product pages in your shop.

Before you post this to your blog read the article out loud into your computer recorder creating an audio file.

Now read the article again using a video screen capture.

Take a collection of relevant photo from your products and put them in a file on your computer.

Take 10 short excerpts from your article.

Now you are loaded for the entire week to create a mountain of content from one article.

Post the article to your primary blog, upload a 2 minute video to youtube, use tweetdeck to schedule your social media in advance which will post to your twitter and facebook for you, upload your product images to a variety of image hosting sites including facebook and pinterest, upload the video file to audio hosting sites, create embeds that can be added to your other blogs.

You can also create blog posts on your secondary blogs with just a video and a bit of text.

One article targeting multiple keywords, over 20 links created pointing to your etsy shop, in just a couple of hours.



how to create a facebook page www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Facebook-Fan-Page

how to put your etsy shop on facebook www.storeya.com/etsy , support.shoptab.net/hc/en-us

facebook events: use facebook events to promote any upcoming sales and coupon codes. invite all your friends to the event. promote the event on your blog and other social accounts as well.

twitter - how to get more followers www.wikihow.com/Get-More-Followers-on-Twitter

twitter hashtags - how to use twitter hashtags - dev.twitter.com/media/hashtags

linkedin - www.socialmediaexaminer.com/6-ways-to-use-the-new-linkedin-features...

pinterest - www.wikihow.com/Use-Pinterest

pinterest group boards - en.help.pinterest.com/entries/22997543-Invite-people-to-a-group-board

instagram - www.wikihow.com/Use-Instagram

google plus - www.wikihow.com/Use-Google%2B

google plus pages - www.martinshervington.com/google-plus-pages-for-business-and-brands/

tumblr - www.wikihow.com/Use-Tumblr

scoop.it - www.searchenginejournal.com/scoop-this-a-comprehensive-guide-to-sco...


networked blogs
The strategy:
Have one primary blog that represents your brand and business. This blog should look exactly like your etsy shop. Post the highest quality content possible.

Start secondary blogs to give you more opportunities to target low competition keywords. These types of keywords are easy to rank for. Therefore you can update them with smaller amounts of content like embed videos with a paragraph of text. Easy to create pages, rank on google and send traffic to your shop.


The strategy:
Similar to blogging. Free sites enable you to further promote your products. It’s crucial however that you increasingly target a wider arrangement of keywords. Remember you can write about topics important to your target customer in order to generate interest. Once you have their interest you can then lead them to your shop through well placed links.


These are sites that you can post articles relevant to your target market. Same strategy just that in this case these sites have a built in audience. You’ll be targeting those audiences to visit your articles and within each article there should be at least one link to your shop or blog.

facebook video upload
instagram video
google plus hangouts
oneload (video distribution)

Once you begin creating your own videos you’ll need somewhere to upload them to. These are the places to do so. Remember, you can take one video and post it to several other sites. The video will be the same just be sure to change the target keyword and title for each and add a link to your shop in the video description areas.

Second tip: consider changing the video file name for each as well.

Third tip: Don’t forget videos come with embed codes which allow you to add them to articles and blogs or even create blog posts with just a video and text. (easy content)


Audio is similar to video. You create an audio file and upload it these sites or create your own weekly radio show about your business and relevant topics. Same strategy applies, target more keywords. These can also be embedded on articles and blog posts.

how to start your own podcast - www.wikihow.com/Start-Your-Own-Podcast

flickr photosets
deviant art
facebook photo albums
google plus photo albums

You no doubt create a ton of images for your etsy shop. Why not use your images to generate traffic to your shop. Your images have the same capacity to target keywords as your blog and articles.

Take your inventory of images, target more keywords, create a title, and upload them to these sites.

tip: add your target keyword to the image file name

online forums
linkedin groups
associations related to your type of business
facebook groups
google plus communities
join facebook pages
join google plus pages

Online communities serve two purposes. Allow you to build relationships with your target customers and learn more about their interests.

It’s very important to be part of communities that are relevant to you for those purposes.

tip: Don’t promote your products here. These are places where people help each other, develop friendships and over time you can learn how to better market your products to your target market needs.

blog posts

There are millions of blog posts out there all with comment sections. Use these sections with one purpose in mind, get to know the blogger. This is another area where you’re not out to promote your product but in this case you are trying to make a contact.


Bloggers are the gatekeepers to the links you desperately need. Getting your links on high quality blogs literally means the difference between you page being able to rank in the bottom 100 for a profitable keyword or the top 10.

First you need to find the blogs you want a link on. The blogs you select should be high quality in terms of content and high volume in terms of visitors. Most important they should be relevant in some way to your etsy shop.

Next leave the comment. Make it thoughtful. Even a thank you for this great post, it hit the spot will do. The ultimate goal is to create some form of engagement. This is best done by simply asking a question or asking for help on something. Once the blogger engages it’s up to you to continue the conversation or comment in such a way that the blogger recognizes your name or who you are.

You’ll also want to see if there are button that allow you to follow them on social media.

The link. Once you’ve built engagement and recognition, it’s only natural to ask the blogger if they’d be interested in doing an interview of you or if they’d be willing to be on your blog. Either way works for the link because they’ll most likely link to the interview from their blog to help promote themselves.

merchant circle
google local

Local deals with how people search the internet for things in their community. Brick and mortar stores benefit from this the most but it can help in some cases for Etsy shops.

The goal here is to turn up for local searches:
Example of a local search: jewelry store fort worth

To rank on these searches you first want to make sure your city and state are accurate for your Etsy shop and primary blog.

Now you need citations. These are local directories that have you listed. The sites above will help you with that. List your etsy store in any that apply to you.

how to rank local - searchenginewatch.com/article/2288106/Local-Search-How-to-Rank-on-G...

yahoo answers

Once you know the topics that interest your target market use these types of sites to answer related questions.

Because you can use your primary blog as the source. Sending extremely relevant traffic your way.

tip: use the questions on these sites as topics for your blogs. then use your blog post url as the source. easy traffic.


This site allows you to create courses and either sell them or offer them for free. Have a craft you want to teach? Great way to get relevant students to your shop and interested in your brand.


Don’t have time to write articles this week. Hire someone to do that. In many case for just a few bucks. You can also hire people to do all sorts of tech related tasks. Develop a budget and get someone else to do this stuff for you.


These are sites that can connect you to other blogs looking for articles to post on their site. Giving you that needed link of course. You can also post for others to write for you. Remember you still get the link because they’ll want to link to their own work and invite others to see it also.



This is the sneaky way to rank on google. Ever notice how amazon ranks number one for almost everything? Why not use amazon to help you rank then.

Heres an easy way how -
Hopefully you write at least one article per week. After 3 months of writing turn your articles into a complete ebook. In the ebook you basically want to promote your etsy site. Once you’ve turned your articles into an ebook upload it to amazon direct publishing.

Select the keyword you want to rank for, put it in the book title. The goal isn’t to sell ebooks but to use amazon to help you rank on google. Since loading ebooks is free, do this as much as often as you have enough content.

Same idea behind zazzle and cafe press. Add your social accounts to your profile, product images to their print on demand products, and have those products target various keywords. Each page should have your shop url some place on it and ask people to visit your shop.


Free press never hurts. Learn how to write newsworthy press releases and get your shop in the news.

how to write a press release - www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Press-Release

how to submit a press release - www.wikihow.com/Submit-a-Press-Release


These are everywhere on the net. You can create them on this site and then add them to your articles and blog posts.

how upload to slideshare - www.wikihow.com/Upload-a-Slideshow-to-SlideShare


These are places you want to add every blog post from your primary blog to.


If you have products that you don’t put on Etsy but are relevant to your brand then use secondary stores. The main purpose is to continue to promote your etsy shop as well. Target more keywords. Giving yourself ever more opportunity.

adobe.com/photoshop - Photoshop allows you to subscribe to their software. So instead of paying 700-800 dollars, pay $20 per month or so. Use it to create stunning banners, improve photos, etc.

adobe pdf - when you want to create your own pdf / ebooks for your blog

google translate - promote your content in several different languages. Have a french version of one of your blogs for example.

bit.ly- turn long urls into short easy to share urls. great for twitter updates

twellow - looking for people to follow on twitter? use these sites to find the ones relevant to you.


godaddy domain names - sometimes you need an easy to remember domain name. get them cheap and then forward them to which ever site.

pingomatic- video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlulwW5sxmQ how to ping your blog

surveymonkey - create polls and surveys to share on social media and your blogs. a tool you can use to find out what your target customer needs.

123rf - stock image site. when you need images for social media or blog. these are cheap.

tigerpistol.com - paid tool that automatically creates facebook content for you

hastags.org -

klout - find out who has the most influence on social media sites.
definition of influencer marketing - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Influencer_marketing

tweetdeck - this is a social media dashboard that allows you to schedule posts and update multiple twitter accounts at one time.


fab.com/partner - use this application to get your product on fab

kickstarter - developing a new product? why not have other people help fund what you need to make your new product a reality.

indiegogo (crowdfund)- same as above

jing - free tool - use it to create videos

snagit - paid tool - use to create longer videos and upload to youtube

screenr - free tool to create videos

google keyword planner - free keyword tool to help you find keyword ideas.

ubersuggest keyword tool - free keyword tool

email signature - remember to put a link to your etsy shop in every email account you have.

How to do email marketing - www.wikihow.com/Do-Email-Marketing

The sites above are autoresponders. Ever see email forms on the side of most sites that say subscribe to a free newsletter? These are the sites that allow that to work. The goal is to capture your traffic.

When someone visits your blog, shop, video, etc it’s really hard to get them to come back. Since most people don’t make a purchase of commit on the first visit it’s essential to have a way to stay connect to them.

Email is the best way.

By placing an email form on all your blogs you capture all that traffic. Next you design a series of emails to keep them interested. It’s also great to sent them exciting coupon codes and updates to when you will have your next sale.

Ultimately you end up turning your visitors into customers.

google adwords
facebook ads
bing ads
relevant blog sidebar ads - these blogs generally charge a small amount.

Approach adwords knowing there’s going to be a lot to learn. Adwords usually have vouchers coupon that give you $100 free to start. Don’t expect much from this because when you first use adwords it’s a learning experience. Many have used adwords and have come to the conclusion they don’t work. They do work under the right circumstance with the right amount of experience.

Same goes for facebook ads.

So what’s left out of this list? Please leave your tips and personal experiences for others to learn from as well.

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Inactive Etsy Member 3:36pm Nov 9, 2013 EST
marking so I can read this all back later when I've got time. Thank you!!!
Agree! Tons of information here. I need to come back and digest this little by little. Thank you LaTonya :-)
Ditto :)
Same here; I'm exhuasted just skimming it! But they look like great tips.
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me too, thanks for sharing
SWEET lord that's an eyefull! hahahaha!!! But I appreciate you taking the time to put all of this together for us! I'll have to mark it, pick through it, and see what'll be best for me :)

Thank you!
I'm so new to all this stuff, I too will weed through it, but my question to you Wanda is how do you MARK I? Thanks
Right after the initial post, to the right is a blue phrase that says "mark thread". Then, when you want to come back to it, you can search on "your threads" in the forums overview page.
Gotta love our super helpful EtsyPeople♥
Wow this is amazing! LaTonya you never stop amazing me! Thank you for this.
Wow ! All this information is awesone ! Thank you for taking the time to put all this for us !
Thank you LaTonya! You've given me a lot to absorb and put into practice.
Thank you so much for this fantastic info!!
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:48pm Nov 9, 2013 EST
Thank you LaTonya! This will be so helpful!
Huge thank you!!!
Amazing! Thank you for putting this together!

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