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Tips to start rolling in the cash!

Anyone looking for help with their store please feel free to contact me. I do this stuff for fun as i run business as usual outside of etsy. It is nice to see small business trying to thrive, I think i can help alot of you by helping you adjust your stores and method of business.

Ask away

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I need some help with what other changes I need to make to my shop. I have redone photos and description and made sure to use up all my tags. Just not sure what else to do.
you may be using keywords, but are they the most commonly searched keywords?
How do I figure out what are the most commonly searched keywords?
Sara, google's "keyword planner" is a great way to look that up. You type in a general term for your item and it will tell you how many searches they get for xyz term vs xys vs xxy.
Thank you very much Breanna.

what does that mean: keywords available for purchase?
betterwythage, its talking about search ads thats the list of approved ones. Basically you cant use them for every possible tag you could come up with, only specific terms(and in many cases far to general)
Google's best search words may not be the best search words here on Etsy.
Breanna, thanks for the input! I've been wodnering about better tags as well ;)
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:57am Jan 23, 2014 EST
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Ok I'm game- help :)
Your prices are far too high for what your selling
That seems a little harsh. Perhaps you aren't the target market for this seller.
Hmm, that's interesting....I don't necessarily agree- but I'm still figuring this all out- so thanks for the food for thought.
Tory, thanks :)
I think your prices are just fine. Lovely shop.
Ahh, thank you Colleen! :)
Your prices are actually kinda low on some items. My dad has an antique shop and sometimes he likes to up cycle. He has similar items for much more $ in his brick & mortar shop.
for some of us serious sellers, or "sharks" we do what it takes to survive, if that means tough love to a fellow seller then so be it. Look a bit further down to my comment regarding buying/selling in china and you'll understand my statement. This thread is for constructive criticism, life isnt all sugar and spice for some of us.
Ryan - Traci's prices are really good actually. I'm stunned at the OP's comment.
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It's not constructive criticism if you're not taking into account the venue and their target market. Competition from cheaper vendors? Yeah, we all have it, that doesn't mean we should automatically lower our prices or change what we sell so that we amass more sales. You seem to be talking about the # of sales and not profit.
Tracy, you're prices are fine. Not too high at all.
I appreciate the support all :)
What?! This shop/ prices are perfect. O_o Hmm...
this isn't ebay. different customer base here on etsy - we're not looking to cater to bargain hunters. and traci, 63 sales since march for having just opened your shop means your prices are just fine. it can take a little while to build momentum here. etsy is totally different from how things work (and sell) on ebay.
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i disagree. your prices are exactly what i would expect for etsy.
Your prices look perfect to me :)
Traci-you have 63 sales in Vintage in less than a year-I think you are doing something right! :)
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I think your prices are about right.
Traci, I love your shop and I favorited a few things for later :) I'm new (ish) myself and think that you probably just need to set aside some time to focus on marketing. If more people found you, your sales would be higher..your stuff is adorable.
I agree that your prices look more than fair! (Just sayin'!) - Cap'n
Traci..Your prices look fine to me!...Favorited your shop!
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:13am Jan 23, 2014 EST
Your prices are just fine!
I agree with everyone else, Traci. Your prices are fine!
I'd like to know if the OP has experience in the Antique selling market to back up his statement. I know nothing about the value of vintage items so I really can't comment on her prices but they don't look too high to me. Ryan, have you researched the items she's selling in her shop to know the value?
I think your prices are about right on most of your stuff. I sell vintage too, and you've priced just about how I would. Really cute stuff by the way!!
I find her prices very reasonable. Some of them a little on the low side actually.
I noticed the "analysis" was completed in under 4 minutes (time between Traci's request and Ryan's response). That's hardly enough time to research the true market value of your items and determine whether or not your prices are competitive.

If I was searching for these items, I would not balk at the prices & it seems like others wouldn't either. Market value = what customers r willing 2 pay.
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:53am Jan 23, 2014 EST
what makes people assume they are an expert advisor???
Your prices are fine, from one vintage seller to another, and might be low on some (like others said).

Ryan what is your background in antiques? What kind of expertise do you have in that market? Do you know the antique toys market? How about fine art? Ming Dynasty pottery?

I am genuinely interested in knowing how you arrived at the idea she prices too high & your antiques knowledge.
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:29am Jan 23, 2014 EST
Im open to your opinion Ryan : )

Let me know what you think
your page is well setup, although not very easy on the eyes. You need to adjust your lighting in your thumbnails. Use lighting that highlights your items more than the background around it. Bright thumbnails from a distance on etsy tend to "blend" and be skipped over. Detail rich and vivid sells.
Seriously? But her photo's look so good!!
Ryan may you critique my shop, I had a shop for now 3 years and low sales. What am I doing wrong Ryan? Price? Photos? Do I need to advertise? What? I am not getting it

I see a shop that opened in October with 82 sales and great pictures.
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:07am Jan 23, 2014 EST
Thanks Darlyne and Michelle : )

I try to capture detail and colour in my photos with my little Sony point and shoot. There are some photos of beads that I took just as the sun was setting and so there are a lot of shadows. I was going to re-do them but kinda liked the feeling of them against the shadows : )

Uggggg......If he say's this about your photo's them I'm sure he's going to say the same thing about mine. So I'm just sitting here going CRAP!! All the countless hours I've spent on photo's and all their doing is hurting me. I can't help it though. I can't stand looking at grey back grounds!
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:19am Jan 23, 2014 EST
Ryan I do appreciate you opinion.

Darlyne, I think your photos are fabulous. Honestly they look really good.

There is something to photos and how everything is set up. Businesses spend MILLIONS on psychological advertising, subliminal influence and such...
"well setup" Seems legit!
I think your photos are great and prices are competitive I buy beads a lot there is one thing though it is important for me to know the size of the bead particularly the threading hole so many people don't quote these sizes and I can't take the risk of buying supplies I won't be able to use. Good luck.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:34am Jan 23, 2014 EST

I thought I had included those specs in all my listings, yikes
Thanks for bringing that to my attention, Ill have to take a look at that!
I agree with Alison. So many times I don't buy beads because I can't be sure of the size of the bead or the threading hole from the pictures.
Roll me out some cash please. Thank You
thanks for being polite when asking, but it is not that easy!
Ryan, That's it? That's all you got for me?
try adding more earring pairs listings. i know lots of people here love to buy lampwork pairs to make earrings with!
Holly That's good advice. I know your right.
I've had a little problem in making 2 of same.
I will work and improve on making pairs for earrings.
Linda, a little unsolicited lampwork advice- I always make my pairs two at a time on the same mandrel. It's a little tricky to make sure they both stay warm while working, but it's worth it to get them match.
Linda I think you have the best shop name ever. Besides making beautiful items.
Linda your beads are stunning! I don't know the going price for handmade beads but they seem underpriced. Also follow the advice from fivelittlegems....DO make lots and lots of matched pairs and some trios. It's a HUGE part of my business.
Yes please. I feel as if my shop has stalled, and I don't know how to get it moving again.
work on your images, adjust your thumbnails to take a step back. They clash together, also you need to use variations of colors in your backgrounds to attract buyers. Constant bland stone colors wont attract shoppers, it is hard on the eyes and hard on your pockets.
Thank you Ryan.
Ryan, so you're saying to use a variety of backgrounds? All I've heard here for YEARS is to have a "cohesive" shop, and using the same background (along with selling related items) seems to be the way to accomplish that.
I've been selling on Ebay for years and have found that a variety of backgrounds is the best way to sell. Etsy might be different, but I've noticed that when my backgrounds are all different, each item has a view instead of just one.
I use different backgrounds to compliment the item I'm photographing. Although to make it the front page I've noticed the backgrounds are usually white or a very pale color.
Yes please, thanks!
A common problem in sales today is that these items are being sold through websites like ebay, pulskaa, hrsp, ngktrading and they orginate in places such as china where they are processed and shipped at a much cheaper rate. You need to lower your prices, what is to stop a buyer from hitting ebay. Home of the penny deal?
That its not made in China. Do you buy handmade?
Not to be harsh, but that's your advice? Lower prices to compete with other markets? I don't think that's very sound.
PS- LOVE your shop elandeja!
Ryan, I feel like you might not understand the value of handmade. Many sellers on Etsy do not use price as their primary point of competition.
I don't see how Zacha prices can be any lover!
Thanks Willajunejewelry, yours too! Beautiful and I'm jewelry addict :)
Don't lower your prices, I think that Ryan doesn't understand the Etsy customer!
never mind
whether it be hand made, or "made in china" by hand. ITS MADE, if your sales are stalling its because your product is being found else where, or cheaper and similar in another location. Dont ask for advice if you wont consider it, im not knocking your product, but to alot of people they want the things they want regardless of how its made, this is 2014
But competition isn't always about price
I find cheap products on etsy often don't sell because buyers think it implies a lack of care or confidence in their items by the seller. It can go either way
Love love love your shop, Zacha! Your prices are more than reasonable. You do gorgeous work!
Ryan, I buy on Etsy because I make an effort to support handmade, one of a kind items. I think many buyers here feel the same. I'm not competing with H&M, I'm putting something out there that I feel I have not found for myself. I'm not offended, I'm just surprised to see you don't have a grasp on the market here but are offering advice.
Thanks Sophie, your shop was already in my favs :)
Well usually I'm told with handmade u have to consider things like the price of the materials and time it took to make your items. Those scarves actually look cheap to me I have seen some handmade scarves for more.
Handmade is selling with the thought, effort and individuality that went into crafting a product. Even when two products look the same, I would put a higher value on the handmade one over the mass-produced one. Not always about price competition.

Love your shop Zacha. Materials and color scheme is really personable :)
Humm come to think of it I think there may be books on selling handmade items and what to consider. My teacher once suggested to take in to consideration. " how long it took to do the piece, materials, how much your time is worth, and the subject matter".

He also said to look up the book "Graphic Designers Pricing Handbook or something like that".
I was asking about paintings at the time but the same rules may apply I suppose.
My entire wedding (from dress to dessert) was purchased on Etsy. Why? because I like supporting artists. I like accessiblity to the creator, and the ability to say "I love this item, could you make this in red?" "Handmade" is a huge market in itself. It is an ideology and a selling point. Etsy's target consumer doesn't want mass produced. They want custom or one of a kind.
What poor advice. Zacha, your scarves are definitely competitively priced! Lovely shop :)
Zacha-I love all you small clutches-esp the Turquoise ones-my absolute FAVE color!!!
Price matters on eBay, the home of the cheapskate buyers. It matters MUCH less here on Etsy, where most shoppers understand that many of the things sold here are made by the ARTIST who is selling the item.
I do not wish a critique but I would like the Ebay slamming to stop. I've paid much more for things I want on Ebay than I've ever paid here. I've also sold things for hundreds more. High end vintage sells much better there than here.
Zacha, your shop is GORGEOUS.

When looking for advice, find an established long-term seller with lots of sales under their belt. Many are happy to mentor.
I just lowered my prices as an experiment,and my views have been cut in half.So it's absolutely not about price.
If she lowes a $10 item to $5 how does she even make any profit? If someone would rather pay the same price for something in China then that is their choice. But if you are someone that values handmade you won't mind paying a little bit more. Your shop is beautiful Zacha.
I'm teachable! fire away :-)
you need a new banner, its bland when really your selling very nice products. Very nice pictures as well as thumbnail orientation, although correct me if im wrong are these used items? The backgrounds give your items a feeling of "used" which will defer buyers if that is not the stores purpose. Also you need to fix your announcements, do not include smilies or bold lettering as it reflects spam
It's a vintage shop so of course the items are used...

I believe the correct term is "vintage" not "used".
thanks Ryan! I really appreciate your feed back. My shop is vintage btw. Thank you for your time.
Kimmee... such a gracious reply. Nice 'used' shop. ;o)
Smilies = spam? That's a new one...
Kimmee-This past weekend I discovered fotofuze..it's FREE!!
I cleaned up about 1/3 of my pics to make a solid white background-it it SUPER easy.
I really reccomment that for your pieces. I found even my least fave items look SO much better without competing with a busy background :)
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Kimmee, you may want to use the first 140 characters of your Shop Announcement to describe what you sell. This is because it shows as the summary of your site on Google.
I don't think she needs a solid white background. I like her photos. Very nice!
Kimmee, I like your banner!
@ Michelle Thank You!
@ Ruth B I will check that out, thank you !
@ Tana I am going to change that right now! thank you!
@ Selina thank you!
@ Joyce thank you!
Your banner is cute and it is not bland. Love your shop and backgrounds. :)
I'm open to opinions -- please feel free to offer any you may have!
Any tips for me?

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