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Etsy Retiring Customer Service Stats

Did everyone see this announcement - Etsy is retiring Customer Service Stats. If you want to check yours for the very last time you need to do so before they are "retired" on January 30. Remember the uproar they caused when they were introduced? At first I was all concerned about getting mine perfect, then I stopped checking them altogether. I only really pay attention to my shop stats, my dashboard and my feedback anyhow.

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So glad. Not that I checked them often. But I have been using Etsy labels for over a year and my stats for not using tracking has sunk down to 60% according to my stats. Obviously there is some glitch.
Exactly, same here...and probably they just couldn't fix it so they just decided to retire it. What a headache.
My tracking stats dropped to 65%. My first thought was that it must be a glitch as I only use Etsy labels for shipping. Kind of useless if they don't work correctly!
Yeah, I don't get why my tracking stat was 77% when I only use Etsy labels with tracking.
I am glad :) I never found them useful.
i never found this a particularly useful function so i do not mind that it is leaving.
Haven't looked at them in months. They were never accurate.
I checked them once when they were first introduced and made sure mine said 100% on all of them and then promptly never checked again.
I never looked at them.
I only ever accidentally clicked on them!
That's good... they were pointless
I'm just glad they aren't making them public! That's what I figured would eventually happen.
I wouldn't have minded it, but given the glitch with the incorrect tracking info percentages as of late, that would have seriously annoyed me.

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