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Hope no one gets offended

I just posted the funniest, most tongue-in-cheek necklace I've ever made.


Do you think anyone will be offended by it though?

Seriously, I think it's funny. Actually, now that I think about it, compared to Davidsdoll's Best Valentine Ever, mine is quite tame.

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Inactive Etsy Member 1:54am Feb 15, 2006 EST
:) it plays upon that joke that Smurfette put out for the whole village, being the only girl and all.
I think it's great! Bet this goes quickly...I know a coupld of people I could have bought this for about 30 years ago....lol
Exactly! Glad you get it Dyno. I hope I don't wake up to a bunch of hate mail tomorrow. LOL
I think its cool!
oh I think that is too cute, and I don't think that is offensive at all, after all we are all adults here and I love all of DavidsDoll101's items. I found alot of humor in her stuff and I think yours is very cute and funny as well!! good for you I am sure this item will be sold in no time!
I love it ... I saw it when it hit the Recently Listed Items and I had to check it out. And really, I'm sure she probably was ... I'm glad someone finally called her out on it!
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:26am Feb 15, 2006 EST
personally, I think all the smurfs were gay and smurfette was just a "fag hag"

ajazwinski, and *you* were worried about hate mail. ;)
Thats really funny! LOL She's the only young-ling girl there. I bet she was one! LOL
It's really funny! Don't worry. Most people have a sense of humor. It's not like she's a religous icon. It takes the curse my creepy easter bunny.

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