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I have lost all motivation

Hi all, I just can't be bothered with anything in my shop, I have lost all motivation with Etsy. Why who knows I just have.

This is really strange for me as I love working on my shop, maybe it is because Etsy has been all over the place with sales and views. I am not complaining I do get orders, There is just so many ups then downs then ups then downs and it starts to play on your mind and confidence.

What do you do when you just can't be bothered and question yourself with your shop


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I feel the same. When the sales were steady from last fall into spring, the "cha-ching" was highly motivating when I was hearing it daily. Now, maybe a once or twice a week. You aren't alone. I hope you get your mojo back!!
Yes I am trying to keep positive but it is hard when you feel flat.
Your store is wonderful, keep up the good work
Thank you, Jennifer...I'm trying my best.
Remind myself of why I do what I do and that I was doing this LONG before Etsy arrived!

Here's to shaking it off!

Some times it is easier than others!
Just put your shop on vacation for awhile. You'll miss it and turn it back on when you are ready.
That would be my suggestion too.

Hello, Ann!
I understand. Have been feeling that way lately after the DC fiasco. So I try to focus on other things in my life .

For example: a rodent problem! That sure took my mind off Etsy and my shop. Also went to see a couple movies when it was too hot to go outside and bike ride.

Movies are a good escape. Then I force myself to get back in the game...
Hope you fixed the rodent problem, yes I am turning my skills into so much needed reno work around the house.
Sometimes you just have to step back and take a breather....

I feel the same way about my shop. I love making my cat blankets, but it seems like I get nothing else done and with sales slow, I feel disconnected from my shop. Time to step back and find a new passion for awhile...then come back to my main passion of sewing my cat blankets.

You will find your motivation again! Don't give up!
I remember why I started selling online and just keep at it.
Step away for a week and just put your shop on auto pilot. Then come back and list, list, list. That's my tried and true and even I slipped and didn't get as much listed this year - bottom line shows it too.
I take a couple days off if I get feeling like that. Also, working on a project (not necessarily for my store) helps when I'm feeling a bit irritated with my store. I do pinterest diy home decor projects pretty routinely:)
yes I am starting on some reno project that have been waiting for me for some time.
@Jennifer, I have several of those projects myself. Front bathroom was begun reno earlier this year. Now I need to get in there and sand the walls and get the paint up.
Projects are my best form of escape from the daily grind. :-)
I lost my motivation and decided to put my shop on vacation. I became so aggravated with all of the changes and then felt lost. I still do. I'm not sure if I will try once more or close it. Only time will tell.

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