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Is it normal to feel unmotivated to create??

I've had my Etsy shop for about three and a half years, I love what I make and still have fun doing it. However, lately I've been having trouble staying motivated to make new items, work on my listings, and self promote. Is this a common thing for people who have had shops for a long time? How do you make it fun and fresh again? Is it a sign to move on to a new shop or different hobby? I also find it difficult to keep going when sales are low but my competitors are doing really well, although I'm sure that's normal. Just curious how others deal with the occasional slump in motivation...

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Yes - other people do feel that way. I'm going through a dreadful creative block at the moment. I've promised new pieces for the art gallery and I need to get new items up here but nothing is coming. It is so frustrating. I had a great previous month - over $3000 in sales (I have four other selling platforms) so that should have really got me moving. It I force myself you can see it in my work. Buying new supplies used to get me moving but my artistic mojo has just left the building.
Sorry I can't be a bit more helpful.
I do most of the crochet/knit work in my shop and I've only sold one scarf and they don't even get views very often. I'm hoping that's just b/c we're not really into winter yet but it's still disappointing b/c I have so much fun making scarves/hats. Our other items like table runners and aprons sell well (my mom makes those). If they start selling over the next month then I will definitely make some more.
Yup. Full-time work, and almost full-time crafting at the moment due to the silly season is making me want to throw away everything and go hiking in the middle of nowhere! I know that I just have to keep powering through December, then I'll have some quiet months where I can get my juju back.
Yes, it's normal to feel unmotivated when things are not going good, but I don't believe it's a sign to move on. At least for me it isn't.

I've found that productivity produces more productively, so when I'm in the dumps, doing something that betters myself helps immensely. That could be exersise, reading, or making something.

I think it's also important to have motivational people in your life. In fact, not just important, but vital. Many times, when I'm was a mental funk, I've got a good kick in the you-know-what from people who spoke the truth.

Also, when I had low sales, I found it helpful to realize that my current set of problems (low sales) would be my problem tomorrow if I didn't do something about it. I don't like having the same problems everyday. I want new problems (like too many orders).

Not sure if this helped but I've been there and feel your pain. Hope it turns around for you.
Thank you for your perspective it is helpful!!
I have had the occasional slump, and lack of motivation, even though I haven't been around that long - I think the struggle to get seen causes it, but I do find that if I just force myself to make a little something, even if it's a very simple thing helps me get back in the mood again, maybe just try make something small, and see how you feel. or go out for a long walk somewhere nice like woodland or near some water, just to get some time out from everything and you never know what inspiration you might find :)
Yes, it is normal.... writer's and artist's blocks are for real! Very few people wake up every day going, yay, I'm going to create a masterpiece today! I know I don't. I have found that working every day helps, whether I'm feeling it or not. Some days I just roll up my sleeves and do the drudge work but usually just getting up and moving toward working helps me feel motivated again.

And, I've gone through years where I've created very little because I had other things I had to attend to and my creativity was taking a long nap....

only you can know if it is a sign for you to change it up or move on....but don't be too hasty....it does happen to most of us now and then...
I know exactly how you feel.. I went into a creative block for about 5 months, started feeling so bad about myself during that time.. knew it wasn't helping my shop any. I decided to focus on why I couldn't create new work.. what was different from before? Then it came to me.. I had moved my workshop, and in the new shop, I didn't listen to music while working anymore.. started throwing on my headphones while working.. and the ideas started flowing again. I came out of it stronger than before, ready to refresh photos, listings, and add new designs. My advice is keep at it.. try to do things that inspire you. I wish you all the best in your journey back to creating :)
totally normal, we all have slumps and loose focus, I am currently in one of those funks and getting my head out of the clouds to create has been really hard but I keep on trying. One day something will happen and the clouds will go away and the creativity will flow and I wont be able to keep up with myself. LOL

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