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Ever had a really bad show? Just feeling a bit down.

How do you guys bounce back after a dismal show?

Granted, it's a Thursday night, and they stuck me on the second floor next to the lingerie dept, but I was pretty disappointed that I didn't sell a SINGLE thing tonight. 4 hrs, and not one thing.

It was a new idea the dept store was trying, to promote the Mid-Autumn festival, and they actually approached me after seeing my booth at a summer fair. No table fee, and 3 days, so I was pretty excited. But the floor traffic was non-existent, I was pretty upset at the end of it. It was hard explaining to my kids why I hadn't sold anything without crying. I don't think I'll go back tomorrow, and I'm going to ask for a table on the main floor for Sat, with the *other* vendors. Sigh.

I'm going to be so relieved when it's over, so I can take all my stuff off of edit mode, my shop looks so bare. And, the bright side is I'm pretty much prepared for my Christmas shows next month, since I've got so much inventory :p

Also, I can go back to getting more than 4 hrs of sleep a night, now.

Sorry, end of self-pity party!

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Why are you not with everyone else? Do you have samples you could have someone down by the other venders handing out samples or coupons to get some trafic. I am sorry you had a bad show!! You should go back on friday if you dont you won't have the chance to sell something. It sucks when you do all that work and dont sell anything. I am so sorry I know it hurts and you feel rejected. I hope you have a better day on Fri or Sat.
Sometimes they happen... but you should feel good that you were picked for this event based on your art... It looks like they were not prepared for this because they put you so far away and it seems that they did not advertise enough... so it's their fault not yours... I would def. request a better location... but you do have to remember that it is a free spot and they decided not to charge and therefore they got no money to advertise...

...but don't think it's You! They picked you because your stuff rocks! They just suck at planning...!

Get some sleep... and learn from their mistakes... and do some juried shows where you know you will be surrounded by talented folks!
Try $200 to get in and leaving with everything you came with EXCEPT a positive outlook! Then never getting a receipt so you can write it off!
Yea, it happens to us all! Just record the expense and don't do that show next year!
Hello VaJayJay! They thought with what I was selling, it was more suited for the lingerie/baby items dept. Which is true, on the surface. Looking at the customers that I saw tonight, they were totally the wrong demographic for my stuff. Not sure how well sugar scrubs and sushi soap go down with them, lol.

I did notice that the vendors downstairs were not independent carfters, but established retailers. One was selling those crystals, can't remember the name, but the super expensive ones.

Meh, I'm trying to not let it get to me, I know my products are nice, just maybe it was the wrong target market. Thanks for the kind words :) It was really too bad, my poor husband to take time off work to pick up the kids and stuff, after helping me unload. It was just...too much for too little.
I did a fair whare they put me witha couple of other sellers in a conservatory..was lovely & light but none of us did well like those in the main hall...if its just you people seem to be put off..they like to have loads of choice in front of them or they seem to panic they may see something else later so don't spend...also the public dont talk to you if you are not surrounded by other vendors...

I had a few glasses of wine after!!

Ouissi x
Thanks, everyone, you are all too kind. I know it's really small compared to what can happen (I'm sorry that happened, CB!). Plus, it was free. It was just alot of time invested. I have 2 shows for Xmas that are juried, for which I was accepted, so I'm really happy about those.
I'm going to watch the hockey game that I had to tape because I missed it (the first game of the season, too!!!), and make some tea. I already know the score, but I promised the hubby I will not work tonight.
take the night off & relax!!

Your work is lovely...love the bento boxes & sushi soaps...

Ouissi x
Thanks, memoryisart!

What's funny (I can laugh about it now), I think I memorized every single piece of CK lingerie around me tonight, as I pretty much spent the whole time bored out my skull, wandering around (I didn't even have a chair, lol!)

May no Etsy seller ever have a bad show again.

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