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Opinions and thoughts on Gold Vermeil.

I usually design my jewelry with sterling silver. I recently ordered vermeil beads from Bali, Indonesia. For those of you that don't know what vermeil is (pronounced ver-may)it is sterling silver with a light coat of 24kt gold. I have had some customers tell me they think it looks tacky. I have one item in my store made with vermeil.

Please let me know what you think. I know gold is coming back in vogue again. Would it be better to stick with gold filled items or venture into the vermeil with more gusto.

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I think it looks very nice! And, I don't think it looks tacky.

I do prefer silver over gold, but, that's just me.
I don't think it's tacky...why would a customer up and tell you it's tacky in the first place?

Gold isn't my thing, but I think it looks fine. Pretty bracelet, IMHO.
I also prefer silver, but I see nothing tacky in that picture.
I use both and I wear both. Your design is stunning too!
That is a gorgeous bracelet! Perhaps the customer thought it was the style of beads, not the vermeil, that was tacky? (And even that seems like a stretch). *wishes had $40 to spare*
Thank you for all of your input. It is encouraging and motivates me to design more pieces. My customer that mentioned it looked tacky was specifically referring to the gold beads. She said it just looked too much like fake gold. It just goes to show that everybody has different tastes so I should never be easily offended bur rather keep an open mind.
Not at all tacky, very lovely bracelet!
since vermeil is usually higher karat gold, often 22k or 24k plate, it'll may look "fake" to US buyers who are used to the look of the more common 14K / 18K gold colors.

i personally thinkg 24k is a bit too yellow but have spoken to people from india who think 14k gold is cheap and tacky looking =)
I think your bracelet is beautiful! I love the way gold vermeil looks and there are sooooo many beautiful beads and findings available, as opposed to gold filled. However... I have found that the the finish does rub off, at least on the raised parts of the design. This can be good if you aren't fond of the intense gold color because it takes it down a notch, but bad if you want it to maintain the bright gold color. It also depends on your body chemistry... some people tend to wear the finish off plated metals faster than others.

I have to say that whenever I go to a bead show I am awe struck by the vermeil bead strands laid out on the tables. I think they're gorgeous! I only wore silver too, for a loooooooong time, but I don't know why... I love both now :)

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