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Do business card promos work?


I have received business cards of various Etsy sellers included as promotions with a purchase from another seller.

I was wondering if sellers who have sent their cards to other sellers to be mailed out with their sales could share their experience as to whether it helped to generate business.

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Doesn't anyone have anything to share?
I'm curious about this too. I hope someone with some insight responds.
I just exchanged cards with some other sellers for the first time - so I hope so. Too son to tell for me yet though.

I'd be interested in what others have to say on this point too. Although maybe it's hard to tell if it works if sellers are doing several things at once to get traffic to their store?
I have sent out cards and it doesn't seem to do a lot, but you never know. I have heard mixed feedback about promos in packages. I seem to remember some buyers not being thrilled by them, but I love to get them, and I always add other people's promos. When I add promos to packages or gifts or swaps, I usually pick out the more interesting items to send. i.e., little trinkety things or unusual looking cards.

I don't beat the pavement looking for folks to trade with since I make all mine by hand...
I'm not sure. : / I have been sending my cards out with packages that give my shop addy and my blog addy and I've been getting hits on my blog that have "no direct referrer" ie: someone typed in or cut and pasted the addy directly. I take that as a good sign! But I have no idea if they are getting it from my card, or coming from my shop, etc. *shrugs*
Some buyer mentioned in a thread that she tosses assortments of business cards she gets in her Etsy orders, unless there are promo codes on them...
What I do is send out stickers instead of business cards. It seems like more people are likely to hang on to stickers over business cards, because they can... stick them somewhere :) Honestly my sales have gone up slightly since I've been distributing the stickers, but only time will tell if they will continue to raise my sales.

I do have custom etsy stickers in my shop if anyone's interested.

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