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problems selling couture ?

I just looked at selling stats on Etsy and the fact is that items that are $80.0 and more don't sell much, two a day on a good day, zero often...
depressing when you are making one of a kind gaments, with nice quality materials lining and all.
I haven't sold anything in my shop, am I wrong with my pricing ? i don't think so, what i think is that maybe Etsy is doesn't work for couture-like gaments, i regret that maybe etsy ends up being for light, simple, fast consummation items.
Now i could sellin a little boutik in NYC where ilive but my clothes would end up being super expensive and reserved for a NY crowd.
I thaught etsy wouldbe analternative for me...
Any thaughts about that ?

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you make beautiful clothes, fairly priced. I proably couldn't wear a lot of these clothes, they are designed for a younger body.
Kcoline you also need to be patient. You only just joined in Jan! :P Give it some time to get your name out there. Your items are very cute btw.
Kcoline, your stuff is beautiful! I love the 40's dress. :) I find it hard to pay for any clothing that I can't try on - maybe this is the case for most people. I'm just picky about the way things fit and even with measurements it's hard to know how the fabric will drape or lie on my body compared to the mannequin. Maybe a boutique is the way to go - I don't think anyone would expect handmade clothing to be cheap in New York. ;) Those are my thoughts...
Thanks, I know, patience is the key...
but I am wondering if there is a market
shhdesigns, that is what i am afraid of...
Your stuff is gorgeous! I recently bought a custom made shirt from another etsy seller. I "heart"ed you for when I go on another shopping spree!
aren't you concerned about fiting LaLoma ?
You have got some great stuff! I would not compromise you prices. Your items will sell in time. I think many people one etsy impulse buy cute, cheap, things. Someone may heart you and come back in a few weeks when they have the cash to spend.
have you told any of your previous/regular buyers/fans about your etsy shop?
it helps to bring customers with you to a new venue.

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