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International Shipping ISSUES!

First, I am having a very hard time with shipping internationally. My items are taking FOREVER to get to their intended destination and I was wondering how long it takes other sellers.

Second, my UPS shipping guy says I only have two choices with shipping internationally. One is what I am doing and the item ships within 2-8 weeks or the other which is EXTREMELY expensive. Have you all found this true also? I am really considering not shipping out of country again!

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I ship USPS first class airmail.

5-10 days. I haven't had any issues yet. They seem to arrive within that time frame.
How much does this cost?
Well, your items are small and light, correct?

It shouldn't be more than a few dollars.

I shipped a pretty sizeable package that weighed about a pound and a half to Singapore the other day. It cost $13.
Thank you SO much!
Went to the post office today and was told an item would cost minimum of $9.00 to ship to Canada..... This is due to changes in postal rates. They now have flat envelope and package rates. I use a bubble envelope and place the gift box inside and it used to only cost a few dollars. Now due to the changes in shipping rates I have revised my profile to state that international shipments will not receive a gift box. It's the only way to get the flat envelope rate which by the way is only $1.70 to Canada for two jewelry items. I went to Container store and bought some of the styro-foam sheets they have and wrapped and taped the jewelry inside, put in bubble envelope, so the cost would be $1.70 instead of $9.00. Hope this helps,

I have shipped all over the world, by air, using Canada Post.

Shipping is approx. 5 days!
deliasthompson--this is SO frustrating! I have 2 packages right now that shipped OVER a month ago. My customers are anxious and I am sure the will soon become upset. What options do I have with them? Should I refund?
where were you shipping to?
yes, it's about thickness of package. If it's jewelry, try to get the envelope to under 3/4" thick. If it's thicker, it's considered a package and is subject to higher rates.

The new Post office rates really hurt those of us who used to ship lightweight items that were larger than 3/4" thick. It doesn't seem to be that much of an increase for larger boxes, etc.

The reason, I was told, was that they take up space in the plane, whether they are lightweight or not. So, apparently space is what costs more.

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