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Ways to Make Money When You're Dead Broke -Please Add Your Ideas

Paint faces on rocks and sell as paper weights.

Go to a pawn shop and pawn some jewelry.

Roll newspapers up in logs, tie, dye and let dry... then sell as fireplace logs.

Cut up old shirts and dresses and make pot holders or other small cloth items to sell. Ruined clothes can be sold in bundles as cleaning rags.

Paint old used wine bottles and sell as hand painted vases.

Go house to house and paint house numbers on curbs for a fee.

Gather wood scraps, beach wood, pine cones, etc and sell as supplies to crafters or turn into jewelry.

Paint bricks and sell as toilet bowl

Make fudge, cookies and candy to sell.

Do typing for students for a fee.

Type menus for restaurants for a certain amount per menu.

Rent yourself out as a clown for birthday parties.

Teach others to make craft items for a fee.

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LOL, I think you've just about covered it.

You left out prostitution!
I do copy editing for websites, and I do freelance writing online all the time.

Links for freelance writing, if anyone's interested:
Earthborne, you're a scream! LOL
Sell plasma. I recently saw an ad for this. It showed a woman smiling peacefully with a cup of tea. It said, "Relax, unwind, and feel good about yourself."

get a friend to host a party with your art where they invite all their friends and give them a small cut of the sales to really promote the heck out of it.
I had a yard sale in July. One of my friends suggested I put out some of last winter's items from my shop. I made $450 and half of it was from about 5 items from my shop. Not bad.
house cleaning
dog walking/sitting
lawn mowing
yard sale
sell stuff you dont wear anymore on ebay
Make recycled paper:)
Blueberry: Housecleaning is definitely a good choice! Pays more than most regular jobs where I live, and there's always a demand.

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