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Queen City Emporium Scam

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They never did recover any of my goods and altho I doubt I'll ever see any of the money made from the goods that sold, I would just be satisfied to see the long arm of the law slap them silly.
I'm guessing because the sold like hotcakes. :)

I hope this case against her helps at least recoup your funds, though there may be nothing left after she pays her legal fees, and the AG's fees....
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:03 pm Jan 25, 2013 EST
Wow! I had no idea so many people got scammed by QCP. They contacted me, right when I first opened my shop. I was new and naive and sent them a dozen pairs of booties. After many months of no contact I was finally able to get them to send my items back (that was a process) but when I received them, there were 2 pair missing. I called and was told that they had sold the day they packed up to ship back to me and that they had mailed me a check for the sold items. Never received compensation. It definitely put a bad taste in my mouth for consignment shops. Does anyone know what the status of the litigation is?
The latest from last September -


Under the terms of the judgment, issued on Aug. 27 by Greene County Associate Circuit Judge Dan Imhof, the defendants are permanently prohibited from selling merchandise on consignment. The judgment orders Wilson to pay consumers more than $12,300 in restitution, the state $11,300 in civil penalties and Koster’s office more than $4,200 for attorney fees. Additionally, Wilson must pay Koster’s office more than $1,200 for consumer education efforts.

Prior to the judgment, Koster’s office recovered more than $85,500 worth of merchandise from the company. Koster’s office has returned more than $53,500 of the merchandise to consignors. The judgment allows for the return of the remaining merchandise.

Thanks for the update. Quite a story....
Thanks for posting the update here--I'm sure there are others that wondered what happened in the end.
I was wondering about this.

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