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UPS Transfering Deliver to Post Office?

Anyone ever hear of a business sending a package via UPS, but then requesting they transfer the item to the local Postal service for final delivery?

I ordered some supplies thinking they were going to be shipped UPS I had them sent to my office so that there would be someone to sign for them since UPS refuses to leave things on my porch at my apartment, but I just checked the delivery status and it says "As requested by the sender, UPS has transferred this shipment to the local post office for delivery to the final destination." If I had known that I would have had them sent to my apartment instead. Also I have no idea when the package is going to arrive since UPS stopped tracking it. It was transferred to the post office 2 days ago and I have yet to see it.

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I had an item that was shipped that way. it took an extra day or so.
It's odd, but I have seen UPS drop packages off at the local post office too.
gothicreations says

I had an item that was shipped that way. it took an extra day or so.


Hmmm day or so good to know. I am anxious to start creating again, before I have to take a break from making new items for a bit.
I live in a rural area where UPS doesn't come often, so they often transfer it to the post office for the final sorting and delivery. It usually takes a little longer to get to me and can be frustrating.
I have seen ups deliver to the post office, and my post office has a fedex drop box outside
well it sounds like it is fairly standard practice, but I just don't get why a business would request that.
Yes, this is a system worked out between the two companies, I forget the name of the service through USPS. It is aimed towards high volume businesses, but they have been expanding it a bit.

It was explained to me that USPS is good at the local delivery part and UPS is good at the long distance hauling. So USPS takes it locally, gives to UPS who flies it from, say, New York to California, then turns it back over to USPS for local delivery.
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:54pm Feb 10, 2011 EST
It's becoming more and more common. It's cheaper for UPS, FedEx, and DHL to pay USPS to handle the final leg of the shipment -- from the local sorting center to the delivery location. But I agree, it is very annoying as the recipient to not be able to count on which company will be delivering. Each one delivers at a different time of day, has differing reliability when it comes to tracking, and differs in whether or not they leave it on your porch.
Yes, and I hate when they do that!!! We live in a small town and have a PO box, so I have to be very careful about seeing how the items are going to ship first. If I put in the street address and they transfer it to the PO then it won't be delivered :(

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