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Monthly income from Etsy sales.

I am curious to hear some statistics about the maximum monthly income that a store (not specifics about it) has made on Etsy. Any idea?

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Inactive Etsy Member 7:58pm Feb 15, 2011 EST
Great question! Wish I knew!
hhmmm not sure that info would be available and if it were, you'd have to take it with a grain of salt as that number can be far different than what their profit actually is.
sure pixie, I am not asking about profit but gross sales.
You could go to www.craftcount.com and see the top sellers by category. You can then search those shops on www.shopvaluecalculator.com and get a rough estimate of their sales volumes. It's just a projection for the next 12 months based on their sales history, but it gets you in the ballpark.
Just realized how old this thread was!
I'd be curious to hear, as well!
I'm curious to hear... Haven't sold over a couple hundred in one month yet as I'm new to online sales.. I'd love to hear from some of the more established sellers how they are doing!
You will get answers that are as varied as there are sellers on that...even the best selling shops months can vary greatly depending on the month...:)
I am asking about average-sure it vary its normal
just a few examples would be good to hear.. if anyones willing to share.
Jan I pulled in 1007.00 but paid close to 200.00 in listing/re-listing fees. I am not even sure what the paypal fees were

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