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Monthly income from Etsy sales.

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There's a few sellers on here that I KNOW make 10,000 a month.
I don't think there is such thing as an average here. You have sellers that might sell nothing many months (or maybe a couple dollars worth) and those who sell thousands. Impossible to get a realistic average! You will have a shop beside a hobbyist and a professional business owner. It will be drastically different. Forum estimates also will only represent a small portion of these figures.

I've been paying most of my bills the past few months with my business on Etsy. (Consignment/wholesale and my own website have filled in the cracks, so to speak.) I'm working hard!
I'd also recommend the etsy "monthly weather report" which list sales statistics for the site as a whole on a month to month basis. There sure is a lot of selling happening on Etsy!
We've been fortunate enough to get close to $2,000 a couple of times but also still have $200 months. The wholesale opportunities are yet another layer of revenue created by out Etsy shop. Profit margins average around 50% at the lowest. We definitely have been in cruise control over the last year but it feels good to have that as an option. Looking to step it up this year!!

Have Fun
-the Mixed Species guys-
I read an article a while back about a woman who sells on Etsy but also does two flea markets every weekend. Before expenses, she made 100,000. Afterwards, her total profit was 33,000. She made jewelry, but a huge cut of her profits went to two people she hired to sell for her at the flea markets.
I know a lot of it came from Etsy, but obviously, the flea markets also pulled in a lot.
Fascinating. I'm too new to want to tell the world how much I make (don't make). I'm awfully tempted to blurt it out tho. Nope, not yet...

"Vintagephilosophy says
There's a few sellers on here that I KNOW make 10,000 a month."

GOOD LORD! I couldn't work that hard if I tried.
I think not many of us are willing to tell you. I know I don't :o)
Sorry. Guess we are big fans of the "blurt" technique!
I have "averaged" around $2,000 a month this past year. This is net revenue, not profit, and only includes Etsy sales. I also sell on Ebay, and at a number of local consignment boutiques, as well as a handful of wholesale accounts. I do all of this in addition to a salaried day job.
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I'd be more interested in profits, how much went to etsy or paypal. Even then it wouldn't much matter because one might have higher fees because they use renewal a lot another may have lower fees because they market outside Etsy more and don't need to renew but for sold listings.

Too many variables involved to get an accurate picture and few are probably going to want to admit they may have had so many thousands in gross but profit was next to nothing via fees.
Well, if other people are willing to give numbers, I will too. Last year on Etsy our worst month was $1,450 and our best month was $16,000 ..which is a HUGE difference, obviously. If I were to total everything out and divide by 12 to give you a monthly gross average, it would be just over $5,400 in sales a month.
Wow--so your best month was 11 times your worst month. That is a huge spread!

So far this year my best month has been 4 times my worst month.

Oh wow, just realized that this is a really old thread. LOL

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