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Creative Shipping boxes... what do you do?

Hi everyone,

I'd love to hear everyone's ideas on creative shipping boxes and how they package larger, delicate items. There have been a lot of really great threads about creative packaging for smaller items and the reused padded envelopes, eco-friendly gift wrap, and upcycled jewelry boxes are fabulous!

BUT I can't seem to find a thread geared towards creative packaging for large breakable items. So what do you do to reuse shipping supplies and make your shipping boxes pretty (without angering the post office).


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I forgot to mention...

I sell lamps and ceramics so I rely heavily on newspaper, reused bubble wrap, and recycled boxes. I've thought about double boxing my items for a more professional presentation but decided I'd like a more eco-friendly way to beautify my packaging.
Just be certain that it is clean and primarily safe.If you want to get fancy...do it on the inside.
I know one seller who gets foam bits from a furniture upholstery shop to pack their breakable items.
If you want to make your boxes lovely then maybe get large colourful custom shipping address labels printed.
When shipping large, ceramic, breakables such as yours I ALWAYS double-box.
You can do your bit for the environment by shredding lots of paper (recycle later) and cradle your items in it so that they do not move at all and cannot touch the sides of the box. Then put that box inside another one with lots of fluffy bits - paper, etc., all around it, too. The trick is to not hear any rattles and to not allow two items to touch and to make your inside box fit very close to its cushioning and your outer box to leave enough space between it and the inner one to absorb the crunches it will get in the shipping process.
Tipsy mentioned foam - yes - that is very effective and I have also used it. I used to get mine as remnants from a carpet shop. I have also used pipe insulation to cushion breakables.
Good luck to you!
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:47pm Mar 6, 2011 EST
The only thing the Buyer cares about is receiving their item in one piece. And eventually, if you make an insurance claim on one of your items, you will sadly discover that the PO does not honor a claim if your item is wrapped in anything but bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

Furniture grade foam is better than bubble wrap, it's hard to believe they wouldn't accept it.

I use very small bits of styrofoam (not peanuts) taped to the box to hold my box inside a box...for delicate items. I do use lots of newspaper, but paper can become compressed and doesn't always work. Cardboard strips bent and taped into "triangles" also work great as spacers.

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