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where is the best place to purchase good quality tulle for tutu's

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Inactive Etsy Member 5:32 pm Mar 8, 2011 EST
Help!!! I need someone to help me with tulle for my tutu's....I have discovered all tulle is NOT the same! Some of my tutu's seem to wrinkle very easily and constantly need fluffed at shows. I need someone to help me find the perfect tulle for my high quality tutu's.

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I love that white tutu. I have a 5 yr old who is a tutu girl. She even wears them to school in the winter. I sew but have never bought tulle before. I go to JoAnns Fabric to get my stuff. Sometimes when you don't see stuff in the store, they will actually custom order stuff for you.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:57 pm Mar 8, 2011 EST
All tulle is NOT made equal. Nylon and Rayon is cheap and wrinkles more but is also stiffer and holds shape better. Silk or polyester is softer but needs to be fluffed more. I've been having GREAT luck hitting Joann's sales. They have one store here thats closing and I just got $500 worth of material for $99. My advise is shop around online and check out your local joanns or hancocks and just watch for sales.
I have great tulle and the cheapest place by far is I believe giftsinternational.com or just tpe in gifts international into a search engine. I have never had any issues with them at all. Plus they have a great selection. I know they just had to raise their prices it was 1.01 for 25 yards on a 6 inch roll.
Hi, I am wondering if you still purchase Tulle from gifts international. I am actually looking to buy tulle for wedding decorations... and there prices are very cheap compared to other companies. I have seen a lot of negative reviews so I was just checking into customers experiences. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
Did you try here: atmtom? I get the 6" rolls from them but they have bolts and can't beat their prices even on ebay! They ship super fast too.
I have been looking for a good supplier of tulle too.
I tried to follow the giftsinternational.com link but it did not work, so found this link via google. www.giftsintl.com/tullefabric.php

I live in the Netherlands and even though they are a US company their shipping seems pretty well priced too.
I just had to order 3 bolts of shimmer tulle from that site thetrendytotshop posted about. Was €12 for my whole order of 67m of tulle!! (and that was including delivery charges).
what brand of tulle do you guys use?
Can anyone tell me why they prefer to use and buy 6" 25 yrd tulle insted of buying 6" and the 100 yrd roll? Is their a difference?
it depends i prefer the 100 yard if you use a lot of tulle if not buy the 25 yard one the only difference is do you want more or less
I use giftsint'l as well. good quality. I buy the 6" because it works for knotted Tutus, and that's what I make (not for etsy, but for my own kids/nieces).

When I've made "real" tutus, I go with the JoAnn's tulle on sale/with coupons. It's the only fabric store near me :(
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:04 pm Sep 5, 2013 EDT
whats the difference between "real" tutus and knotted tutus?

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