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Lots of views but no sales?

I've gotten a lot of views on some items (50+) but no sales. Do you think it's the pricing is too high? Or does it just require patience?

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Inactive Etsy Member 8:19pm Apr 10, 2011 EDT
I'm wondering the same thing....granted my shop has only been active two days *shrugs*
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:22pm Apr 10, 2011 EDT
I have the same problem, lots of views lately but no sales. I am not sure why that happens. I noticed that you only have 4 items for sale, that makes it hard to find your shop. I think your prices are fine.
I think your prices are fine. You just opened up. It takes time for you to start to pop up in searches. But only using 7 tags is hurting you. You've got 14, use as many as you can with descriptive words. And Some nice clear bright photos would help.
I think your tags are incorrect. For your Vintage Bra, your first tag needs to be Vintage.

And for this other item:

if it is not Vintage it cannot be sold here, and as of right now it is listed under Handmade. Anything that has the first tag Clothing is under Handmade. You need to read up on your tagging. :)
My opinion is that the number of views doesn't matter too much. It doesn't mean you will have sales. I have over 500 views or between 300-500 views on lots of my stuff, but; my sales are not that high. So; I don't have much that I can recommend. Good luck.
First off, you need many more items in your shop. Many people say that they don't start selling until they reach 100 items, me included.

Your photos need alot of work. You should be using a photo editor like picasa.com (free to download) I altered one of your photos and you can see what a difference it makes:

It's a ton of work to even get one sale. Always be improving your shop, improving photos, learning more about SEO.

Good luck!
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:11pm Apr 10, 2011 EDT
Aw hell, I've only just reached 36 items in my shop - back to work then.....
I don't necessarily agree on the 100+ items thing, but then I've only pretty much done made-to-order clothing. However I do think you need a reasonable amount of items, and a variety of prices too. Yes, photos are very important. I can't believe what brokenghostcouture did with your image, amazing!
Think about how many things you pick up and look at in a B&M store for each item you actually buy. Same here.

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