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Artfire.com vs Etsy?

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Inactive Etsy Member 5:02pm Apr 14, 2011 EDT
What is your opinion of the two? I will always keep my etsy shop open since we make each other a lot of money, but I have noticed a lot of advantages to artfire as well. I like how the feedback is more nuanced and specific. The customer service is responsive and very supportive of the sellers.

The big one for me is support for paypal pro, google checkout, allowing people to use credit cards easily, and also automatic uploading to google's checkout.....This could mean more traffic despite being a 'as of yet' less popular site.

I think etsy could fight back though by improving its customer service, incorporating paypal pro and fast checkout options, and offering a credit card payment service to all members, or at least paypal pro or google checkout.....support for Alertpay would also really make my day since they treat their sellers a lot better than Paypal.....paypal froze assanges assets and all of us who supported him got screwed (This isnt a political debate though, just a reason why sellers might not feel 100% secure leaving all their money in paypal who routinely freezes peoples assets keeping your money for things like selling "banned products" that are perfectly legal and that they never told you about).

RIght now I a debating whether I can juggle 2 or 3 different selling sites at once, but I still love etsy.

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Never got one sale there - not a fan!

Wow - your post sounds like a paid advertisement from ArtFire! LOL
I get a few sales there and sales are generally much larger.

I get more sales here.

I get even more on my standalone.

and I get the most from shows/sales

each biz is different. I am there and continue to be because my AF listings show up in the first page of google search.

that's worth $6 a month to me.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:12pm Apr 14, 2011 EDT
I have never used Artfire before and I certainly dont work for them. I am however considering opening an Artfire account in addition to etsy and my own website.

I end up spending hundreds a month on etsy listings. I would rather it just be easier to show up on google shopping.

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Inactive Etsy Member 5:14pm Apr 14, 2011 EDT
I get SO MANY potential buyers who get to checkout then ask how to pay with their credit card!!?!

With paypal pro you can take credit cards which = more sales.
@Rogue - how do you know all these things already if you haven't used Artfire? Just curious. Not being snarky at all!

Just like Coquette said - for what she pays for and gets out of it - Artfire is worth it for her!

I say dabble in as much as you can. Unfortunately - I don't do well with more than one venue at a time!
I love Artfire. SEO is excellent and my AF products rank well in Google - often on the 1st page. AF has a wonderful community spirit - helpful admin, and very supportive sellers. There is very little name calling or "bitchyness". I am also here. I was going well here until went on vacation - it has been quite since coming back. BUT they are 2 different venues - operate differently - there is a place for them both.
You don't need paypal pro - I have a business account and it takes all kinds of credit cards.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:20pm Apr 14, 2011 EDT
Nope. People try to take credit cards DIRECTLY on this site, and cant do it. There is no fast checkout option on ETSY without paypal pro and express checkout options......sure you can add a credit card to a regular paypal account, but that generally means lost sales due to the difference in checkout process. The experience is not the same.
I have a shop there. Now I'm not sure it's entirely the right venue for me as their buyers are said to be older than the etsy buyers are said to be. I got in on their special deal last October so a sale or two here or there and it pays the fees for several months.

as far as my opinion on selling in multiple places; I always have. it takes more work because you have got to keep an eye on each site and make sure you keep track of what has sold.

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