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Ebay vs Etsy listing policies and fees?

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Inactive Etsy Member 7:09 pm May 24, 2011 EDT
Whats the difference between Ebay and Etsy listings and fees?

On Ebay the older a listing gets the higher it registers in search results. You can make it a sort run, 24 hours or 3 days, or a long run for the same price and it will eventually make it to the top. There are also search options for best match, newest, and then there is the whole bidding thing that some people like or dont, but its optional.

On Etsy you get similar listing fees and final sale fees, but listings are the reverse.....the NEWER and item is listed, the higher its rank. Poor search results other than just choosing categories and looking at the top pages of recently added items.

What is the result of this? On Ebay people are making their listings, being searched in a variety of ways, end up paying too much of their money to ebay and paypal separately (owned by the same party).....Their listings generally last for the full duration of their time allowance, unless they sell before then. People wait until their listings expire to renew them.

On Etsy, people who do volume sales from internal site traffic rather than bring their own traffic relist constantly to stay on the front page longest. Instead of 'bidding wars' between buyers, there are 'listing wars' between sellers. This was a great way to rake in the cash. Some people end up spending more in a month on re-listing than it would cost to take out an add in a popular magazine or to purchase targeted online advertising.

The renewing of listings has another side effect.....broken links. All over the web and site you may have links to your items or be showcased in sometimes collections.....the item looks good, people click, and.......'uh oh, the item you were searching for is no longer here'.....counts as a hit, maybe they get lost in the vortex of etsy, but you never get the sale. The item you want is still in your store, but it wont link to your shop but to the sign up page.

I do get sales here, but I am thinking that maybe there are better marketing strategies out there besides the relishing tactic.

Some places have no listing fees and only a final value fee......Some charge a flat rate of $10 for unlimited listings with links that never break, and allow linking back to your own sites for promotion on google shopping. The idea isnt to capture internal traffic by staying on the front page, but to capture off site traffic and divert it to your shopping cart of choice, perhaps your own or one without a final value fee.

One important consideration is that if you simply duplicate or import your etsy listings, you will get NO HITS and NO SALES, because google and other engines filter duplicate content. If you just make a few listings with nice pictures and descriptions without investing in your shop, like you can on etsy, your shop will fail and you could become disenfranchised with the alternatives especially if your products are recognized as duplicate content..

The trick is to create new listings, fill out your entire profile and policies, make it look nice, make lots of UNIQUE listings not copied from elsewhere on the web, maybe have your own shopping cart hosted, build up brand recognition or get your name as an artist out there, have people bookmarking YOU instead of the host site, and choose the best advertising options, and make sure that all the links back to your items all over the web stay good and dont break. That is how you invest in your shop for the long haul, and if you follow this approach instead of the list war approach, your business will continue to thrive even if you dont make listings for a week. Pretty nice huh!

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i'm new here on etsy and the relisting cost is can get pricey. I dont have much in my shop 33 items but i spent almost 20 bucks in just re-listing fees last month. so this month i will just list list a new every other day. I just ordered more flyers and postcards. Hopefully that will bring in some sales because the re-listing thing is'nt working for me.
Personally, I don't buy into the renewing option. Renewing only puts your items at the top of the 'most recently listed' items for a few short seconds and are only seen by the few Etsians that happen to be shopping for your particular item at that particular time. However, renewing items does still maintain the original link (and has done for the past year I believe).

Renewing does absolutely nothing for google or any outside searches at all.

I'll use the 'renew sold' option to keep from having broken links.

I still do a fair volume of sales from people who find my items on Etsy but the majority of people find me from elsewhere on the web.
i tried ebay and found it to be just awful for me, but it may be wonderful for others. i will stick with etsy, although i am planning on trying madeit.com and that new quiteunique website very soon.

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