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PLEASE HELP! Why do viewers have to log in to see my Facebook page?

I need help!! Noone can help me with this so far. When I provide my facebook link... viewers have to log in to see my facebook page. I need it so that everyone can view it. FB users and non FB users.

Here is the link: www.facebook.com/CrazyCraftFrog

Why is this? What settings do I need to change? I can't find anything on Facebooks help about this and so far noone on here can explain this to me.

I noticed some of yours I do not have to be logged in to FB to view your links.

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I believe that's how facebook works.....you have to be logged in to use it.
Hmm, not sure. Is it the correct link? I know I've been able to view other fan pages without being logged in.
I am pretty sure you can't view anything on facebook without an account
I think you should be able to view FB pages without logging in. I just tried my own and some others' business pages and was able to view with no problem.

Trouble is, I'm not quite sure where to direct you. Have you tried permissions? I'll keep looking to see what I can come up with.
I can view others pages without an account with just a link.
what is the name of your fanpage?
I went in, logged out, and then tried to look at your page. It didn't work. Are you all sure you aren't logged in already? Facebook keeps you logged in unless you purposefully log out.

I was logged out and it didn't work for me. The only thing I can think of is under "Permissions", "Page Visibility", uncheck "only admins can see this page".
I've clicked on links in the forums that let me view facebook without being logged in. There must be a way.

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