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Best website builder?

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I have a website unrelated to selling jewelry at GoDaddy. Their Website Tonight is pretty idiot-proof, but I have problems with GoDaddy for other reasons I won't go into.

I'm switching to Fat Cow, and they have some pretty amazing stuff, they are "green", and you can use Joomla and others if you desire. They also offer a shopping cart and lots of goodies.
I've read pretty good reviews about Shopify but don't have any personal experience with them. The create.net site looks like it has some nice options too.
For me Pappashop ruled!!!
I have used shopify, yahoo web hosting, and wix.

Personally, I love wix. It is super easy to build a custom professional flash website.

Very cost friendly (I use the free version for now) and you can do anything you can image to your pages.

Check out my site as an example-


I use it to profile my shops here on etsy. It links back to my shops, my blog, twitter, etc, and I love all of the layout options they have to offer.

Shopify is also very neat ; ) but it takes a bit more knowledge of html and the like to get it completely up to par, but is also very professional.

Never use yahoo hosting. I hated it, but that's just me ;p

Good luck!
I'm about to launch a new site soon, I unfortunately went the expensive route (hindsight, you know), but having busted my brain about this over time, at 1000 items it's probably easiest to go with Shopify. but if you want absolute control and avoid monthly fees (in exchange for upfront costliness), get a developer to build you something from scratch. Plus, if there are aspects about a Shopify plan that don't work for you, they are surprisingly flexible about making you a custom plan.
In my experience wordpress is best because it is such a friendly CMS. Joomla is much more complicated as others have stated. If you are new to website building and want to DIY I would suggest getting a free wordpress template and then playing around in the CSS to change it up to your liking and eventually create your own page.php templates so that you can switch things up. And for web hosting I would definitely suggest bluehost because of their partnerships with other places like wordpress that make things easy.
another recommendation for wordpress!!
I bulid my web on wix.com and its so easy.
I use wordpress.org with the plugin Shopp for my website for the e-commerce side, which uses PayPal. I have complete control over everything.

You will want to be able to control the way your website looks so you are able to showcase your products in the best way.

Wordpress has forums with very helpful members and Shopp also has forums with support. Hope this helps :)

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