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First Class Shipping--13 oz. or 1 lb?

I paid a visit to my post office yesterday to ask some questions. The lady there said that if I can keep my packages under 1 lb (whether it's an envelope or box) I can ship them First Class, anywhere. But if it goes over 1 lb, it has to be Priority. So I went home, plugged in a 14 oz. weight into the shipping calculator on the usps website, and it wouldn't let me choose First Class as an option. I had always thought the limit was 13 oz. before, and the website seemed to think so too. So who is right, my mail lady or the website?

I SHOULD be able to keep my packages under 13 oz...barely. I just really want to be sure, because if I have to ship a package Priority to an international customer just because it's barely over the limit, they won't be happy, and neither will I!

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You can ship International First Class under I think 4 LBs.

If you go over the required amount in the US, you can still ship it Parcel Post which is cheaper than Priority.

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Inactive Etsy Member 8:57pm Jul 29, 2011 EDT
As far as I know first class is 13oz.
All the mail boxes in my are have large signs "13 oz limit."

The USPS web site is right. The lady at the post office might be in training.
13 oz is the limit for domestic first class mail. 4 lbs is the limit for international first class. Don't forget, though, there is also a flat rate envelope and a small flat rate box that are slightly cheaper than 1 lb Priority.
I'm pretty sure that the website is correct Sorry :(
I was afraid the website was right, but that baffles me because that lady has been working there for years (we live in a small town, everybody knows everybody), and she seemed so sure. But of course it's better to be safe than sorry! Good to know about the flat rate boxes/envelopes, I'll look into that. But I THINK I can keep things under 13 oz.
Oh, DUH! I knew that international First Class goes up to 4 lbs, I'm so silly! That's not so tragic, then. I was thinking my international shipping would jump from $9 to $30! I definitely don't have anything over 4 lbs, so I feel much better.
first class is 13 oz and under..over that you have to use parcel post or priority...i had soooo manypeople at the post offices tell me different things when i was learning..it was so very hard to know who to listen to.
The easiest thing to do is print your postage thru paypal, stamps.com or endicia ..those services will stop you if you try to print first class postage when the weight is too high. Then you don't have to worry about ill-informed employees at the PO.

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